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Welcome to The Lair

The Lair – Season One


Directed by:Fred Olen Ray

Written by:Fred Olen Ray

Starring:Peter Stickles, David Moretti, Brian Nolan, Jesse Cutlip, Beverly Lynne, Michael Von Steele, Arthur Roberts, Evan Stone, and Colton Ford

HereTV’s second “sexy” soap, which I only realized today, is a spinoff of “Dante’s Cove”, is The Lair.Focusing on a club where “gay vampire witches” feast on young, hot, and unsuspecting male victims.When a local newspaper reporter who is covering a series of murders is given information connecting the murders to The Lair, the vampire coven’s secrets begin to come to light.Including the secret of the fat stage dancers who look like they’re dancing to no sound at all, which they probably were.

The Lair is an interesting animal.It’s not all bad.But it’s not very good either.Most of the actors do decent jobs.A couple of them are downright terrible though.HereTV needs to stop focusing on Looks over Talent.Although they didn’t do very well on either count for some of the people.

There are a lot of phony sex scenes that are more frustrating than anything.HereTV seems to think a gay themed series needs sex in order to be entertaining.I’ve said this a hundred times, sex shouldn’t be used to enhance your show.Especially if it’s not presented in a way that’s remotely sexual.

At least with The Lair, there is some sort of a decent story line, even if it isn’t played out very well.There is a terrible subplot involving the only female in the show stuck in an abusive relationship.Seriously, she’s the only girl in the show and she’s getting her ass beat by her boyfriend?Clearly, they aren’t going after a female demographic.

I honestly don’t see where this show can go.The way it’s playing out there isn’t any story to carry on.They’ve blown their load too early.Give up all the secrets in the first couple of episodes and what else is left?

The cast is ok like I said before.The real stand out is Brian Nolan.He’s really the only person who fits in his part and is a natural on screen.He elevates this show from the muck and carries it on his shoulders.David Moretti, who plays the reporter Thom, is also good.Everyone else seems amateurish and hacky.The two former porn stars Evan Stone and Colton Ford turn in reasonably well performances also.Although I’m not sure why Colton’s Sheriff Trout character is resigned to spending most of the episodes in the morgue/hospital, in fact he’s there through episode 5 of a 6 episode season.

Overall, the show is barely ok.The theme song sounds like they got it off a 99 cent sound effect t machine and the show reveals far too much far too quickly.Some of the dialogue makes me cringe.The rest of it is almost frustratingly bad.They even reference things that didn’t happen or weren’t shown (“you said yourself the sheriff was in here alone” Really?I don’t recall him leaving the hospital for the past 4 episodes.)The vampire dialogue is horrible.Truly horrendous.

I will give them credit for the season finale.The ending was a bit of a surprise which I like.When season 2 comes on DVD I might have to bite the bullet and claim it so I can see how it wrapped up.

They could probably merge this show and Dante’s Cover into one and be better for it.There are some interesting plot points and ideas but they got lost in the rest of the mediocrity of the show.It could have been a great show but alas, it isn’t.

HereTV really needs to concentrate on finding better stories to tell.They’re one of the few hopes for gay entertainment but if they keep giving us movies and shows that are barely entertaining then what are we supposed to do?

The Lair season one is on DVD now.Season 2 begins in January.

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