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             You have arrived at doorQ — the new place for gay science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics and superheroes.

             In 1976, with my partner Norman Jacobs, I created STARLOG and FANGORIA, both magazines still going strong. In addition, we published FUTURE LIFE, CINEMAGIC, COMICS SCENE and more than a dozen other newsstand titles – plus paperback books, soundtrack albums, original videos and (with Creation Entertainment) fan conventions.

             For 25 years I wrote a column for STARLOG that opened each issue. “From The Bridge” was my monthly take on the science fiction universe, how things in that realm relate to the rest of human life, and how young fans with off-beat values can make their wildest dreams come true.

             Now I’m writing for this site, to tell you why there is a doorQ and why it will be valuable to you.

             For the last few months I’ve been working with Jody Wheeler, the amazing man who thought of, developed, and established this new web gathering. Jody and I (and several other creative individuals) have formed a mission for doorQ.

             We will entertain and fascinate you with fresh visions, thrilling words, news and contacts, even short films. Who knows – we might grow into a production company that one day will make feature films with characters that are gay, lesbian, even transgendered.

             How exciting it will be to meet people you’ve never known — a dashing gay man commanding a starship, a lesbian who explores where only men have gone, a transgendered scientist who discovers the genetic roots of homosexuality – or invents something that defeats a brutal dictator and frees a planet. The possibilities, like human imagination, are unlimited.

             If you’ve always wanted two best friends in space to do more than shake hands – if you’ve wondered why girls do all the screaming in horror movies – if you’ve fantasized about muscular warriors, virile beasts, smooth boys lost in strange lands – you’re going to love doorQ.

 Here, on the screen before you, is the doorway you’ve imagined in you mind but never entered in reality. But our mission is not only to entertain and fascinate but also to offer spiritual elevation. That’s nothing religious or mystical – it’s psychological and practical.

             When you were a kid, forming expectations about life, think how wonderful it would have been to see gay characters in heroic movies and TV shows, in novels and comic books. Think how that would have helped you feel that being queer is not a lesser lot in life — that you’re right for this world, and anything is possible.

 Unfortunately, few of us grew up with that empowered feeling, but doorQ will help the next generation of gay talent achieve orbit. doorQ will help give the world a more encouraging climate. doorQ will empower those with passion by presenting supportive voices and gay role models.

             Spiritual elevation is the prime value of this site. What you’ll find here, and in the projects that launch from here, can help you reach for the stars.

             Any time you need elevation, all you have to do is open doorQ.


                                                                                  — Kerry O’Quinn,

Creator, Starlog and Fangoria Magazine

Halloween, 2007

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