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Y: The Last Man – Unmanned

Y: The Last Man    Unmanned

Brian K. Vaughan

Pia Guerra

Jose Marzan, Jr.




Y: The Last Man - UnmannedWhat do an amateur escape artist, secret government agent, geneticist, and a monkey have in common? Absolutely nothing, at least until a veritable apocalypse is involved. After a sudden world-wide epidemic destroys seemingly every breathing creature with a Y-chromosome the women left behind are forced to cope and rebuild the world.


But all is not lost. For alas, poor Yorick and his male pet monkey Ampersand miraculously and mysteriously survive the gendercide. He ventures out into the strange new world, heavily disguised, in search of his congresswoman mother Representative Brown, and girlfriend Beth whom he proposed to over the phone the instant the plague hit. It’s his emotions, with a side of can’t-learn-to-shut-his-damned-mouth, which constantly get him in trouble. Worst yet, exposed in a world still torn about man’s place in the world, or if a man belongs there at all anymore.


Along his journey the new and first female President of the US puts him under the care of Agent 355, or 355 as her friends (namely, Yorick) call her. Before he can continue his quest to find his girlfriend they must first travel from DC to Boston in search of the geneticist Dr. Mann.


As far as introductions go this is a definite kick in the ass. We watch in the first issue as the world leads into the plague, and how the women react when they watch the men tumble over and die. Surely millions died in the moments immediately following the plague. It almost comes off as a recounting of an alternate history in action. The people are real; the world doesn’t become a land of sunshine and lollipops, nor a Mad Max landscape. Hell, amid a world of only women homophobia is still rampant and ‘old world’ ideas are forever ingrained into them.


Along the way we find out about the first and most malicious of foes Yorick and 355 will continually come across, The Daughters Of The Amazon. These crazies believe that mother Earth wiped out every male on the planet, and they torment any women stupid enough to mourn the loss of the men in their lives. As a testament to their faith they go as far as to cut off their left breast, like the legendary Amazons of yore. The moment they discover Yorick exists it becomes their duty to ‘fix the mistake.’


So if that doesn’t suck enough, shortly before the ragtag team make it to Dr. Mann’s lab the Israeli army hears of Yorick’s existence, seeing as he’s really bad at staying hidden, and vows to capture the last male for their own ends. They even goes so far as to burn down Dr. Mann’s lab in the groups absence as a sign that they’re not messing around.


Now the group is forced to begin their trek from Boston to San Francisco to find Dr. Mann’s second lab so they can try and begin to bring the world back from the brink of total eradication.

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