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The DoorQ Top 25 Horror Movies Part One

The Top 25 Scariest Movies of All Time

We had to do it.  It’s only right.  We’re qualified to do it.  We live and love these movies.  Who can you trust if not your friendly neighborhood DoorQs?   I have to say in my personal experience this is the most diverse list of movies I’ve seen.  Sure there are some shocks and some usual suspects but this is a list compiled not by a corporation of underpaid interns but by a group of people who truly love these movies. With no further delay, I give you the list complete with commentary by your favorite DoorQs. 


Shaun of the Dead

Proved that zombie movies could be hilarious (and not in the ironic oh-my-god-this-is-so-bad kind of way). Spot on performances, deadpan British humor, and a script that knows the ins and outs of the genre its so endearingly paying homage to. – John Cleland 


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

 A slasher movie that’s light on gore but heavy on intense nail biting terror?  A Rare Breed and this is one of the best of the best.  – Garon Cockrell 



 “Gobble, gobble… we accept her… one of us!” Spine-chillingly grotesque classic from Tod Browning, the man who brought us Dracula. Eek! – David Salcido 


 The Birds

 The Birds is cool because it’s one of the few Hitchcock films I’ve seen without a rational explanation for the events by the end.  (Out of context this is weird but) like zombies, birds are pervasive and take on Biblical plague proportions; they’ve everywhere and unavoidable, and we’d best hope they never really get pissed at us. – Tom Muzyka 



If you’re looking for a good scare, or just a plain nasty experience, Dario Argento’s Suspiria, featuring the Third Man’s Alida Valli as a prison warden-like ballet school matron, will
do the job. A sadistic film that feels more like a headache inducing nightmare in garish Italian Technicolor. – Sara Ellis


 Event Horizon 

Very good use of atmosphere and pacing, and the flashes that you get of the really gory stuff is extremely effective.  This movie made me briefly afraid that I was going to Hell, and it might actually not be a big gay party after all. – G



The climax is one of the most horrifying sequences I’ve ever witnessed. – Ernie Duque 


 Friday the 13th 

 The soundtrack and sometimes-inaudible cha cha cha, or whatever they said, makes the dark frightening again as though you were a child. F-f-f-f-cha-cha-cha cha. – Daniel Amspaugh 


 Jesus Camp

Out of control right wing religious fundamentalists building an army of god to carry out their beliefs and “gods word“ with their KIDS”?  If that is not terrifying I don’t know what is.  – Garon Cockrell 



 The xmas after I saw this movie about a ventriloquist’s killer dummy, my parents gave me a Lester doll (as in Lester and Willie), I hid that thing as far back in my bedroom closet as possible, buried under everything I could pin it down with. – Nate 


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 Indestructible, inescapable, S&M demons with no safe
words?  That’s scary. – Nate


 The Innocents

This underappreciated adaptation of Henry James’ Turn of the Screw was directed by Jack Clayton, and features the brilliant cinematography of the late Freddie Francis. The script by Truman Capote, handles the ambiguity of the story almost perfectly, and queer audiences will love the not-so-subtle play in the dialogue: “He was like a pendulum! Swinging toward me!” – Sara Ellis 


 The Blair Witch Project 

 A once-in-a-life moviegoing experience. If you went in believing the hoax, you left unable to sleep for days and without the desire to ever go into the wild again. – Ernie Duque 


 The Evil Dead 

 Sure it’s more hokey than scary. And sure you don’t know who the main character is supposed to be until far into the movie. But come on! It’s Bruce Campbell in his premier role. Without this movie to launch his career, whose chin would we idolize? –  Jeremy Alva 


 The Shining 

 Quote: “Here’s Johnny” & “Redrum” are two of the most enduring quotes in horror movie history need I say more? –  

Oh dear…cliffhanger…

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the DoorQ Top 25 Scariest Movies of All Time!! 

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