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The DoorQ Top 25 Scariest Movies Part 2!

Ready for the rest of the list?  Here are the DoorQ’s Top 10! 



The Descent 

 In two words: holy shit. I struggle to think of good ways to describe this film without making it sound like it’s not worth seeing. Even if the first half can drag a bit, it has some serious tension in it, with very little of the usual trite bullshit. The all-female ensemble is INCREDIBLY REFRESHING, as very few of the women are drop-dead gorgeous or perfectly sculpted. Even those that are have significant flaws when compared to the (NAUSEATINGLY) plastic beauties in most modern cinema. Also: when the women have to resort to all KINDS of brutality, you can bet I’m about as happy as fat chauvinist watching mudwrestling. We need more films like this.  -Eisenkres


 The Ring 

 VHS still exists. Who knew? Moral of the story, stick to your DVDs and never, ever, watch an unmarked VHS. Otherwise, you may find yourself at the mercy of a waterlogged girl with some serious issues that prefers an outdated medium. Or watching a sex tape that makes The Ring’s ugly death-by-television seem appealing. – MJ  


 Night of the Living Dead 

 Don’t watch while eating curry rice, goulash, and/or pasta; the black and white just leaves more to the imagination. – Sara Ellis 


 A Nightmare on Elm Street 

 This is probably my favorite horror movie of all time.  It absolutely terrified me when I was younger and even today when I watch it I still get nervous and weary of sleeping.  What can be scarier than someone who can kill you where you should be safest, in dreams?  That suit, that hat, that sweater, that face and voice.  “This is god” Freddy says regarding his claws.  Some might say the same about this movie – Garon Cockrell 


 28 Days Later

I am a huge zombie movie fan, and SURE these are not ‘zombies’ per se (rage infected cannibalistic humans, sure, but zombies they are not) but this movie was a pinnacle turning point for the genre. It introduced the terrifying idea of running zombies, and it was there that humanity lost all hope and the apocalypse was extremely fucking nigh! – Jeremy Alva 



It made the monsters you can’t see more scary. What’s lurking in the water? – Daniel Amspaugh 


 Rosemary’s Baby

 Childbirth has never been scarier (and to a gay man…it’s pretty fucking terrifying already). Classic horror film from a time when experimental cinema was at its glorious height. Polanski at his best. – John Cleland 



 Norman Bates.  Cross dresser.  Killer.  Mama’s Boy.  A chillingly realistic movie that still runs shivers down the spines of millions of viewers.  Admit it, you’ve never taken a shower the same way since you’ve seen it.  – Garon Cockrell 



 Being stalked in a closed environment by something utterly alien (no pun intended) is terrifying.  The pacing is fantastic, the atmosphere wonderful, and Ripley is the penultimate female heroine.  I wonder what Mom would’ve thought if I said I wanted to be Ellen Ripley when I grew up. – G 




  The Exorcist and Halloween 

The Exorcist: No-holds-barred, absolute terror that sent innumerable moviegoers back to church and put even more off pea-soup for life. – Ernie Duque 

Halloween: The one that started it all and still the best.  No blood. No gore. Pure adrenaline inducing terror. Booyah! – David Salcido  

That’s the list gang! 

You might be surprised by the absence of some movies like The Thing for instance, which is of course a terrifying movie.  It just didn’t get the votes to make it. It probably sits in the #26 spot.  Some other movies just off the top 25? Clownhouse, Showgirls, Mommie Dearest, The Fly, Near Dark, Burn Witch! Burn!, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Rebecca.  The list I had contained over 80 movies submitted and commented on by the entire staff.   Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a top 80.  It was tempting believe me. 

What do you all think?  Have some movies to add of your own?  Let us know!  

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