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I have a confession, I love the Short Film. Like Short Stories and Novellas, a film short is usually a compelling bit of intense storytelling or a visual tour de force. It must be since the filmmaker has just minutes to tell a coherent story or present his subject to a critical and jaded audience.

The Short Films natural milieu is the Film Festival or on a compilation DVD, again the short subject must standout from the other films to be noticed.

In the Closet is one such gem…

In a little over 14 minutes Director/Screenwriter Jody Wheeler unveils a tightly erotic and creepy film with a shock ending. Of course halfway there we know someone in this film is going to experience a truly horrific nightmare.

The Shock is just how delicious that nightmare looks on film and the sudden bump and jump from the audience.

The story is simple and very common to our gay experience, a young man (Press played by Brent Corrigan)brings a jaded older trick (Griffin-J.T. Tepnapa) home from a bar. We notice Press is an awkward unsure boy, obviously new to the bar scene. he also seems a little uncoordinated a little bit "off". Griffen of course has only one thing on his mind getting off with this cute boy, a good fuck nothing more.

Griffin has a practiced patter and a one track mind and misses the cues that should be telling him Press is one seriously disturbed individual. We figure this out quickly, but what keeps our interest is how the unsteady, unsure Press has one thing on his agenda, a night of passion,emotion and a connection to something human and warm.

Press is every young confused, gay boy just exiting The Closet, exploring his sexuality, his body, his ability to connect with another man on a fully sexual and emotional level.

Or just get his rocks off…


Of course that’s all Griffen is in this for and maybe the thrill of popping a virgin male, but when he’s done and spent and ready to leave this barfly learns a very important lesson.

Some boys just won’t let you go…

In the Closet is fun, in your face erotic, creepy and in the end genuinely a horror film. We may see it coming but half the fun is getting there and not being let down. Whats in the Closet does not disappoint! As A film or a denizen of the night!

This film must be carried by Brent Corrigan if you are not convinced by his performance In the Closet would simply not work. No worries Brent an admittedly inexperienced actor who nonetheless is rapidly racking up screen credits has to play Press as awkward,disturbed and frankly someone who seems physically unsure of their body, depicting an out of body experience. Such physical acting is difficult for a seasoned veteran let alone a 21 year old newbie.

J.T Tepnapa is the seasoned actor and he allows Brent to play off his jaded somewhat bored character. JT’s Griffen also engages in a blatantly erotic & graphic sex scene — but also, interestingly, not pornographic — with Corrigan (the consummate Porn professional) and its here that the convergence between Film’s sensuality and porn sexuality meet and are entwined.

Director Wheeler is to be commended for embracing this sexual encounter in a realistic and uncompromising scene.

Cinematographer Steven Lewis has the challange of taking a modern condo and making it dark,surreal and ultimately truly scary.


Joel Bellucci’s visual effect (CGI)is shockingly good, if it was not, In the Closet would ultimately fail to deliver.


Dex Craig contributes a score that enhances the unsettled emotions without annoying and distracting us from the building tension.

In the Closet is fun and scary perfect for late night viewing.


In The Closet; 2008
Directed,written and produced by Jody Wheeler
Cinematographer Steven Lewis
Visual Effects Joel Bellucci
Music Dex Craig
Sound Amber Craig
Editor Dan Greeney

Brent Corrigan as Press
J.T.Tepnapa as Griffen

A DoorQ production

Premiere at Outfest July 10th 2008 and second showing July 20 at 4:30pm.


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  1. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 4:42 am

    A great piece. I would have like to see a litte more struggle at the end, something a little more vicious and visceral. It wouldn’t have even required any more CGI (or at least not much).

    It also seemed like Brent’s face cracking apart would have been a nice touch if it happened earlier and he tried desperately to hide it from Griffin (and the jaded suitor thinking its a pimple or something – vain).

    I have to ask though – what was the purpose of the B&W at the end, it served no purpose as far as I can tell… and IMO was distracting.

    Overall, I can honestly say that ITC was my fave piece last night and I cant wait to see it again.

  2. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 4:42 am


    Two reasons: 1) Experience with the DGA… I knew their theater would magnify the sound foibles…I just didn’t realize how much because…

    2) …I was a little overwhelmed watching the film with the audience for the first time. Are they laughing? Scared? Involved? Asleep?

    Now that I know what the frack is going on, and since Showing Two is in the much larger theater, I’ll be manage the sound a bit better.

  3. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 4:42 am

    >I have to ask though – what was the purpose of the B&W at the end, it served no purpose as far as I can tell… and IMO was distracting.

    The B&W… actually it’s more blue light than black… came because the lights went out. They were “in the dark” at the end.

    Black didn’t read as well as blue. And blue made the whole thing a bit otherworldly at the end. I liked it so we went with it. Simple as that.

    And thanks folks for being there and for sharing your thoughts.

  4. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 4:42 am

    I was so busy with Pride San Diego and Comic Con I didn’t know you had posted this.
    I have watched the film thrice now and you do see something new each time.

    I think what standsout in my mind is …well I am still thinking about it a month later.

    Its creeps you out and turns you on at the same time.The film plays with expectations.

    I though this would be difficult (writing a review), you made it easy for me.

    You made a DAMN Good film!

  5. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 4:42 am

    I just saw the movie and really liked it. I’m quite amazed by Brent. His Press was charming enough and yet … somewhat “off” as you put it. The physical clues he gave throughout (seemingly uncoordinated and almost robotic at times) were subtle and well-placed, his timing great.

    I found the switch to B&W in the end somewhat distracting, but the last image of “Alien Brent” more than made up for it.

    ~ A female Fan 🙂

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