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DoorQ.Com | INTERVIEW: Laurell K. Hamilton: "I'm the Least Homophobic Person You'll Ever Meet"
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INTERVIEW: Laurell K. Hamilton: "I'm the Least Homophobic Person You'll Ever Meet"

Laurell K. Hamilton

Recently, concerns were raised that Laurell K. Hamilton, author of the Danse Macbre / Anita Blake novels, was somehow homophobic herself and that her own homophobia influenced her work. At DRAGON CON,’s Joel Bellucci spoke with Ms. Hamilton and got to the bottom of the issue.

Some months ago, an Internet rumor regarding Laurell K. Hamilton’s homophobia was brought to the attention of (“Homosexuality? You Mean Bisexuality in Anita Blake” -ED.) The rumor claimed that the discomfort with male-male relations exhibited by Anita Blake, heroine of Hamilton’s wildly popular “Anita Blake Vampire Hunter” series, was representative of Hamilton’s own homophobia.  In response to that post, I promised to ask Hamilton about the allegation at this year’s Dragon*Con held, as always, over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA.

I attended a Sunday panel that featured Ms. Hamilton in an hour-long Q & A session with the approximately 450-strong audience.  I phrased my question thusly: “I’d like to get your reaction to something that’s been running around the Internet, that being that Anita’s discomfort with homosexuality is a reflection of your own discomfort with same-sex relationships.  Can you respond to that?”

Ms. Hamilton answered that she was aware of the rumor and baffled by it.  She revealed that, in her 20s, she was surprised at being at the receiving end of same-sex attractions.  It was the first time non-hetero sexual orientations became a reality for her and, if anything, that is what’s reflected in Anita’s current attitude.  She pointed out that a number of protagonists in the novels are either bisexual or gay males and that Anita, herself, engaged in a lesbian relationship.  Hamilton stressed that she is in no way homophobic.  Her attitude is that “As long as sex is between or among consenting adults, then your orientation, whatever it is, is alright” and went on to say, “I’m the least homophobic person you’ll ever meet.” Her response – which lasted longer than her responses to many other questions posed to her during the panel – received a hardy round of applause.

In other Anita Blake-related news, Hamilton revealed that there was an intentional focus away from the crime-drama stories of the earlier novels.  “It’s a very dark thing to write”, she said, relating that she’s interviewed serial killers and other criminals in preparation for the novels.  She wanted to take the series in a more “life-affirming” direction and said, “I can’t think of anything more life-affirming than sex between people who love one another.”  For those of us who are fans of the earlier novels, however, she revealed that an upcoming book will see Anita going out of town with Edward and will bring a return to crime-drama plotlines.  Finally, Ms. Hamilton dropped the bombshell that an Anita Blake movie and/or TV series is in the works.

Overall, I was very impressed with Laurell K. Hamilton.  She responded to each and every question thoughtfully and respectfully and she appeared to have a very good time doing it.  I suspected that the homophobic rumors were false and it was gratifying – and kind of a relief – to see and hear that confirmed.

— Joël Bellucci
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