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REVIEW: iPad… A useful device for those who really need it


Ok, I admit I got out of bed a bit excited by knowing I was gonna try out my brother’s iPad.
When I touched it for the first time… The Sci-Fi geek in me was delighted… Because we grew up watching cool technologies in Star Trek, 2001 – A Space Odyssey, Space 1999… And today, July 10th 2010, at about 10am, I held one device just like in those shows… Devices I only dreamed of were now in my hand…
I had an LCARS app running and I was touching a Star Trek panel!!

Dimention and Looks:
The device has great dimensions, and the frame has a perfect size, so when we are holding it, the palm doesn’t go to the screen.
It looks, and FEELS great in our hand (besides the weight problem). The Aluminum’s texture feels great, and the glass display too. Just like my soul (iPod Touch).
I envy the ability to rotate in all ways, even upside down. That is something I always wanted in my iPod Touch.
I bet they will release larger iPad in the near future… Maybe up to 13".

Frankly, anything it does, can be done with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The difference is: you can now do what you already did, but this time is a shiny luxurious 10" screen.
All the stuff you can’t do in an iPod Touch or iPhone, is merely because  Apple DOESN’T allow you to. For instance, people (my brother) gloat about how I can’t do keynotes in my iPod… Well, if Apple allowed me to, I could. It’s a simple deduction.
One other thing is that it is really bad for the back… I used it for about half an hour and my back hurt, because we always tend to lean forward. I’m guessing the chiropractor business will improve because of the iPad.

The Weight:
When I first touched it… Honestly, I was expecting it to be lighter… It is not comfortable in ONE hand, but feels good holding it with both hands, since it’s actually a bit heavy. But if you are using both hands, then touching the middle part of the screen is a bit of a pain in the ass.
So in my opinion, it should be about half its current weight.

It actually delivers great sound quality, but, as always, a pair of headphones is  much better.
The speakers… They are in a stupid place… Because if we have the device in landscape mode, with the home button to the left, my hand covers the speaker, therefore, fading the sound. And don’t tell me the "you are using it the wrong way" excuse! TECHNOLOGY SHOULD ADAPT TO US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Pardon me for being an individualist and a defender of ergonomics.

Battery life:
Honestly, I don’t see what is the fuzz about it. In just 20 minutes that I used it, it dropped 10%! I tried a bit of magazine, comic, game apps for about a minute or two each. Saw about 5 minutes of 2001 – A Space Odyssey, and didn’t use Wi-Fi.
A good thing is that it shows the actual battery percentage. I’d love to have that in my iPod.

I miss coverflow… But I really liked the iTunes on the iPad. Beautiful and spacious.

It is just the same as in the iPhone and iPod Touch. BUT, I found a bug! When we scroll, they forgot to add the glow in the scrolling ball!

I’m still trying to guess WHY they say it is easier than ever to share pictures. You don’t have any camera, that means, you need to take a picture from somewhere else… So, WHY NOT SHARE IN THAT DEVICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!?!

My conclusion…
The iPad is the answer for those who had bought stinky NetBooks because they wanted something smaller and portable for simple tasks… Finally someone did the right thing, the right way…
I’m a Photographer/Painter/Visual Effects Artist… And I don’t need it. I need power and portability. My MacBook Pro works perfectly for that. If I was a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Blogger… This device would suit me more than a NetBook.

Why does Steve Jobs insists it is magical? Honestly, because he is a Sci-Fi geek. And now I know what it feels like to hold a device that had only existed in Star Trek. But I wouldn’t call it magical. Sounds corny. But having a piece of Sci-fi in our hands… Wonderful.

Tons of people don’t need it, and buy it. I’m gonna be honest with you, the superficial consumer in me wants one, but the Jedi in me keeps saying "Resist the temptation of the Dark Side. Possession, the shadow of greed, that is".

I still say it’s just a big iPod Touch.

After my mum saw the iPad… She thought of it as her grandchild… It is sad… 
(she has a gay son and a 31 year old single son)

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  1. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:06 am

    Welcome to the Dark Side, Scion!

    I’ve had my iPad since launch day, and it’s perfect for so much of my day-to-day light computer use.

    What I like it best for is painting. I use the Brushes app and it’s like I have a full painting setup with me all the time, and no turpentine to clean up. You might give it a try; it’s not Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, or even Art Rage, but it’s a really good painting program. I do use Sketchbook Pro, too, but really love the simple interface on Brushes.

    I love it!

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