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CC2010: I’m really disappointed in the Westboro Baptist Church.

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I have thought that the idol worship going on within the halls of Comic Con would be enough to bring forth a full-scale fusillade of frothing fatuousness from the Family That Hates So Much. I mean, think about it. Legions of merry folk, decked out in their best geek attire, costumes celebrating heroism, justice and love, movies that open doors of the Imagination, provoke discussion and captivate thoughts for years and years, is a perfect reason for the WBC bunch to walk in, take a dump, declare victory and go home.

Alas, no.

It turns out that the WBC will be protesting Al Gore’s speech at the conference next door to Comic Con before they even bother to pick up and move down to a position where their multicolored signs and attention seeking behavior can be seen by folks in multicolored costumes and attention seeking behavior (the latter most certainly includes me.)

Still, I think this is another reason why I love Comic-Con. You have the Best of Humanity on display — the attendees at the event — and the Worst of Humanity on display — those nakedly celebrating Bronze Age barbarism. 

Some people have argued that we should counter protest, but I’m not really of that opinion. If you’ve ever listened to them speak or have read their site, there’s just so much vacuous inanity on display (not to mention unresolved impotence) that it really wouldn’t make much of a point. That we’re having fun at Comic Con is more than enough. Besides, I’ve never really been one to give in to childish temper tantrums. Since the adults are too big to spank, it’s probably best to skip gayly past and trill sweetly and sexily in front of their naked hate.

The only possible way you might get me to reconsider is if you point to their children, to the ongoing number being done on those little ones, budding souls who think "fag" and "sodomite" are colors in a Crayloa box. But I’m not really certain protesting back will have an impact on them. Rather, life tends to be the best solvent. The perpetual perseverance of rationality upon the fragile foundations of fear is about the only thing that ever seems to work. 

We win by celebrating our lives.

PS. All of the above being said, if you know of any official organizing to protest the WBC, please post it below and I’ll update the post accordingly. 


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  1. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:06 am

    They are what they appear to be…. nutjobs, bigots, and the mentally insane, hiding behind a religion they obviously don’t understand in an attempt to justify their hatred of all things that aren’t, well… them.
    Gays doom us, soldiers doom us, the color puce dooms us, sweet puppy breath dooms us, and God hates everything that isn’t Westborough. These people should spend more time actually understanding their religion and less time carying signs. I can only chuckle that one day, they will stand at the feet of their God and be chastised for what they have done and said in his name. (Doesn’t matter what religion you are (if any), you can’t believe a deity would want the behavior these people put out.
    We have had them here in my area twice in a month, protesting the funerals of young men who died thousands of miles from home in a war they never should have been in. They were here protesting at the memorial for a couple of people that were killed when some nutbag fired shots in a mall. These people are just SICK and delusional.

  2. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:06 am

    You are asking them to admit that they might be mistaken. There is nothing a person hates more.

  3. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:06 am

    Hey now! Don’t you go knocking bronze age barbarism. You could do it with whoever you pleased without the false mythology of gods to ruin your fun. You could also whack anyone rolling protest stones in your direction without pesky things like laws getting in the way. These creatanous buffoons couldn’t find like minds in primordial ooze.

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