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NEWS: Another Lesbian Action Heroine? BLOOD FARE baby!

blood fare

Seriously? Some one is actually going to ask me if I’m going to have another Lesbian Main character in my lastest cheese fest, BLOOD FARE? Really? I thought we moved past questions like this when I released my third feature film DENIZEN on IndieFlix.


As you recall, the character of DEACON was a married lesbian who kicked some serious creature tushie.  The straight critics actually LIKED the movie. I think the formula works. So I’m sticking to it. At least for now. Now I just need a hot lesbian to play the main character…know any hot lesbians? Send them my way. We’re talking chicks that the DoorQ’s can admire and that would make the ladies and straight boys drool. I’m too old for this "main character" stuff…so don’t let it even cross your mind. I’m sticking behind the camera on this one.

We are shooting BLOOD FARE in yes, the very Mormon state of Utah. However, DoorQ is a state of mind, so don’t let the "Mormon" part bother you. I think we are all DoorQ’s at heart. I got lists of locations from the Utah State Film Commission, yes the very same film commission that brought you ICE SPIDERS. I should only hope for such cheesy goodness.

I cracked open my new Canon T2i camera package yesterday, and ran some test footage with my co-producer Jessica M. Bair. It was actually pretty good when sucked into the iMac and our Avid sponsored editing system. Go Avid! We start main unit of the Civil War footage in almost two weeks. A bunch of sweaty guys running around with really big guns…oh my. Not to worry, our Lesbian Heroine, Tyler shows up later to save the day.

One of the complaints that I did have across the board was the lack of "names" in the movies. Good acting only goes so far, so we’re doing a Kickstarter fundraiser to help feed the peeps and bring in the names. Actors are expensive, especially the ones you have heard of before. We started the "1861 Campaign" to commemorate the 150 year anniversary of the start of the Civil War. The 1861 gets us the basics which we need to make a good product, but not send us over the top to get the actors. We figured we’d start small, afterall, I already have a cannon, cavalry and sweaty men in uniform. One of my other co-producers, Christian K. Koch did a quickie teaser poster with said cannon…and it’s pretty cool. Yeah things that go BOOM! Things always need to go "Boom" in a J.A. Steel movie.

If you want to check it out and have some fun with a good ol’ fashioned ghost story, check out BLOOD FARE here:
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