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NEWS: Gay SF Series "Phase Shift" Call For Actors

"Do you know where dreams come from?"
damaged films llc is now casting several lead and featured roles for the pilot episode of Phase_Shift, a revolutionary series unlike any show that’s ever been produced before.
Directed by Alex Pacheco, the award winning director of PRAXIS, shooting is slated for early October in New York City and Washington DC.  All roles are Non-Union paid positions.  All actors must have previous experience in dramatic acting for Film and Television.  All actors must be comfortable with gay content, on-camera nudity, and sexual situations.  THIS IS NOT PORN.  If there is any doubt in the comfort level of what is expected for the role, then this is not the role for you.  
All actors must live in or near the New York City or Washington DC area.  If you are cast in a role, all actors must make themselves available on a flexible shooting schedule for the year 2011.   
Please read each role carefully before submitting for consideration:

JOSH – Josh is an attractive white male in his early thirties, and is best described as an urban intellectual who still enjoys being athletic.  There are undertones of an alternative/punk rock past, but as he has grown older, he is much more sedate and understated.  Josh prides himself on not being a typical ‘gay’, though his sexual interests are clearly men only.  Josh is at a point in his life where he’s trying to understand the ‘meaning of life’ and his current place in it, but is unsure of what will happen next. 

MICHEAL – Micheal is an attractive white male in his early thirties, who generally looks as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.  His happy-go-lucky attitude is polar opposite to Josh, and Micheal is therefore extremely attractive to Josh.  There is an air of mystery with Micheal, and he is an incredibly intriguing character.

JERRY – Jerry is an older and understated white male in his late forties, early fifties.  Jerry is the voice of reason for Josh.  Jerry represents an older and wiser gay generation, and he is there to help Josh make sense of it all.  They regularly get together so Josh can better understand what’s going on.    

GAS MASK MAN – GAS MASK MAN is an ominous and fantastic character, and we don’t know if he is either good or bad.  He is very muscular, graceful, and dynamic.  He comes to visit Josh while he is sleeping.  He closely observes Josh on his bed, similar to a Demon or a Succubus.  The GAS MASK MAN is an extremely challenging Non-Speaking character actor role.

ARCANA Performance
Jerry takes Josh to see a performance of ARCANA, a performance art piece based on modern interpretations of four Major Arcana of the TAROT DECK.  There are no words spoken during the performance, only implied and subtle actions, and music.  Costuming and make-up will be modern, minimal, and edgy.

THE HANGED MAN  – Caucasian, Average Height, Muscular, Athletic / Acrobatic ability a plus.  Stage Performer and/or Stunt experience a plus.  Must be comfortable with Nudity. 

DEATH – Tall to Average Height, Physically Larger, Muscular, Athletic, Brutish.  Ominous and Bold in nature.  Must be comfortable with Nudity. 

THE MAGICIAN – Male, Average height. Athletic. Modern. Gothic.  Ability to perform actual on stage magic tricks and/or illusions a plus.  Performance Artists and/or Character actors/performers a plus.
THE HIGH PRIESTESS – a more modern primitive/edgy non-denominational holy woman.  A mix of old and new elements. Slightly younger in age.  Performance Artists and/or Character actors / performers with own costumes/wardrobe a plus.  


If you are interested, in submitting for consideration:
-Email us a headshot, resume, and contact information (pdf version, no hard copies)
-Email us links to websites / demo reel / sample videos on Youtube, etc.  Anything that shows you performing on-camera, preferably in a dramatic role.
-Optional, But Highly Recommended: Please record a short 60 second on-camera video of yourself and explain why you think you should be considered for one of the roles in PHASE_SHIFT.  Make sure you state your name and also tell us which role(s) you would like to be considered for.  Upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, or other video social networking site, and email us the link. 


If we are interested, we will contact you.  T

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