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REVIEW: Murder Princess

So, a while back, I won an Amazon gift card of a pretty hefty amount. I looked at all kinds of fun electronics, gardening and kitchen stuff that I could buy with it… Before going straight to the huge anime sale and spending the whole thing, PLUS a little extra on 1000+ hours of anime… It’s not an obsession, it’s a way of life, okay?I’ve been Murder Princessgoing through it and realizing that while some of it is good and has great production values, it just isn’t for me. That’s the stuff I gifted to my sister, who has been all ga-ga about it. I’m such a good older brother 🙂 (PS I got her comic books for her graduation present this year, and you should have seen the looks my family was giving me when she passed them away and they saw some of the title… ^_^)


Last night, I finished a rather short little OAV (also known as OVA or original video animation, a direct to video title) that consisted of six 30-minute episodes called Murder Princess. I was very hesitant about getting this title, mostly because most princess animes are just a little bit too much for even me… But then I thought about Scrapped Princess and Princess Mononoke and looked at some of the character art… And thought, “Well, this one might be worth the risk… Plus, it’s only $7 with free shipping!”


Murder Princess CastWhile it definitely wasn’t the best anime title I’ve seen in recent months, it was quite enjoyable. The first episode especially did a great job at pulling me in with the gore, violence, fun character design and solidly animated fight scenes.We follow the adventure of Princess Alita Forland, whose father, as well as the entirety of the royal forces, has just been murdered during a coup d’état by the sinister Dr. Akamashi and his two little robo-loli assassins Ana and Yuna. Alita managed to escape the castle and bumps into the bounty hunter badass babe, Falis.


The two manage to switch bodies and a desparate Alita convinces Falis and her henchmen Dominikov and Pete to take up arms to defend the kingdom of Forland from Dr. Akamashi and some other mysterious foes who seem to have come out of the Murder Princess - Battlewoodworks. Sadly, after the first episode, things tone down a bit and it becomes a relatively predictable, yet thoroughly enjoyable, fantasy anime with a sort of obvious “twist” that brings the title into sci-fi territory for the last two episodes.


The real saving grace of this anime is the beautiful, fluid animation and creative fight scenes studio Bee Train (.hack//Sign, Gunslinger Girl) has come to be known for, especially where Falis/Alita is dual-wielding, and the fact that they manage to find a balance between the action and humor without making them contrast too much (the rockin’ soundtrack didn’t hurt either). The series can be picked up relatively cheap even if it’s not on sale, and it really is a fun watch if you’re up for some no thought required entertainment. This is definitely a title I’d love to watch again with friends (and pocky)!


I’ll give it four Samurai swords out of five for the solid animation, a fun little story line (even though it’s a story we’ve all seen before), some top-notch voice acting and a great metal soundtrack.

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  1. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:08 am

    I think you confused Bee Train with Bones for the production on Gunslinger Girl.

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