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REVIEW: Predators

Ok I just got home after the movies. I saw Predators and… Well… If I could remove many mistakes It would have been a GREAT movie. But its just a GREAT Predator movie.


We start with our "leader" falling down from the sky. A very intense scene. It was a great beginning for the movie. The Predators had geared him up with parachutes and they automatically activated as he was nearing the soil.


Royce wakes up, and "Machete" falls next. That scene was so… "Narrow minded"… I mean, he should have fallen a couple of meters (oh, I’m sorry, most of you guys are American: 1 meter = 3,2808399 feet) farther than Royce.

They team up with a chick and a Russian, they walk and find a killer and a sexy black dude, and late a Japanese man along with a "Doctor".


So now that we had our characters, they explored the planet. The biggest mistake there was in the movie was SO evident… They had to walk DOZENS os Kilimeters (1km = 0,62137119 miles) to see a breathtakingly HUGE Gas Giant Planet??? It could have been seen from anywhere!!! Funny how that the Gas Giant never appeared ever again in the sky.


Another mistake was that "the sun hasn’t moved since we got here"… It was like that for days and all of a sudden there was nightfall and morning back too?


When the alien dogs were out there hunting the Humans, the first ones were so hard to kill with tons of bullets and in the end a single bullet was enough? Oh and if an animal is shot, isn’t it its natural reaction to flee? They kept going forward even as their jawbones and torsos were being bombarded by bullets.


The (sexy) black dude was a copy of the black guy on Predator one. Even made similar remarks.


Later they meet with Lawrence Fishburne and he takes the team to an old drilling platform, where he has been hiding for the last 10 seasons.

Soooo…. The Predators never thought to look for him THERE??…

And when the Predator finds Morfeus, THAT was his death after 10 seasons of killing Predators and surviving??… Weak…


The Japanese guy did what the Indian did in Predator 1. Left himself behind to slow down the Predator… But it was an interesting fight. Samurai vs Predator…

It had potential to be a good fight, but the choreography wasn’t that good.


There was an interesting turn of events in the end…

The allusion to the Predator 1 final battle scene was too much I think… But nice.


Of course in the end the man and the chick survived, just like in Predator 1.


Oh, and the normal predator make-up costume… Sucked as always… Poorly executed.


All in all, I guess I’m used to having such stupid plot holes in each Alien movie since the 3rd, and AVP’s… My hope is gone as for ever having a Predator or Alien movie with solid script.

But this was a great Predator movie! Please go to the movies and see it so there can be another movie with more stupid plot holes!





I’m serious, please do. Even though it will probably suck, at least it will be another Predator or Alien movie.


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