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It’s been a week of fantastical TV, some new, some old, some funny and some downright awesome. NBC’s HEROES replacement, THE EVENT, premiered on Monday to decent if not spectacular ratings, with FRINGE being down from its premiere last year and DIARIES improving from the last two weeks. The big winner was THE BIG BANG THEORY, which had an impressive debut, along side The Shat’s new $#*! MY DAD SAYS.

But those are just numbers. Did you folks like anything that was on this week?

I had a crazy-mad TIVOing session, churning through the accumulated doorqiness sitting on the hard drive and diving deep into the cool, refreshing rays of genre TV. Well, even bad genre TV is more refreshing than good reality TV, at least in my corner of the universe.

THE EVENT was….interesting. They are trying for a bit of the LOST vibe, what with shifting-time lines, overlapping characters and deep, season spanning mysteries. For all the interest the series provoked — and I do want to know what’s behind the twist at the end of the episode as well as the snowy vistas at the beginning — the time-shifting just didn’t work. LOST only went in multiple temporal directions the last two seasons; for the first five years, they just jumped to one previous era in their flashbacks.
THE EVENT popped all around in the past and all around in different character’s pasts, while they were progressing the main story forward. It was confusing. More than that, it robbed the main story of narrative energy, that feeling that keeps you hooked in your seat, wondering what’s going to happen next. With THE EVENT, I kept wondering where I was in the story, referring back to the super or the card to remind myself of the reference point.There is a cool story here. The series is just going to have to do a bit more work to make it shine.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: What more can be said other than I love all of the shirtless hunks and the longing looks between brothers? Now that we’re getting into naked werewolves, I expect even more skin per episode. Narrative? Plot? Acting? Who cares?

THE BIG BANG THEORY: The prospect of Sheldon spawning gave me nightmares. Applause to the producers.

SUPERNATURAL: HomoBromance returns in a few hours. It’ll be interesting to see how they resurrect Sam after the series ender they pulled last year. Eric Kripke, the series creator, is no longer overseeing the weekly writing and story direction of the series, having said all he wanted in the first five years of the program. There’s a new production staff in place  that promises to take the show in a new, fun direction. Maybe this year they’ll finally let Sam and Dean partake in their lust for each other? Probably not.  

FRINGE: When I complain about the insanity of our world, remind me it could be worse: I could live in alter-Earth. FRINGE started off pretty much where the season finale left off, with Olivia trapped on the universe just-over-there, while that world’s Olivia was embedded with us. There was a nice little set-up, too, with the story. The alterna-universe bigwigs were trying to make our Olivia believe she was their Olivia, for some nefarious purpose we can only begin to surmise — and to know will be revealed as the weeks’ proceed. I got a kick out of the episode, though it wasn’t the craziest story they’d ever done. I’m glad the show is back — though damn if fox didn’t publicize it that well.

So that’s some quick thoughts about the premieres this season. What have you doorQs seen that you liked? What premieres did you catch that I didn’t?

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  1. goddoorq says
    November 16, 2010, 6:08 am

    you should add more pics in yur posts;)

  2. Anonymous says
    November 16, 2010, 6:08 am

    Yeah, Supernatural is REALLY lacking in its Kripke-ness. Not to say it isn’t worth the watch, since it was only the first episode, but it was a bit of a let down.
    Fringe was good, like you said, not the most radical, but I think it’ll turn out generally good.
    Really, though, I’m looking forward to Tuesday.

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