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No, really. That’s the title.

A NIGHTMARE ON TWINK STREET is the latest porntacular take on horror films. Director Brian Kenny, the man responsible for last year’s TWINKBLOOD porntacular version of “TWILIGHT”, has now decided  to use Freddy  Krueger as the inspiration for his latest.

Marketing phrase? “One, Two. Freddy’s coming for you.”

From the advertising:

In the early 1900′s, a gay man named Freddy lived with his male lover near Elm Street in the American Southwest. After finding about this couple’s elopement, an unforgiving and radical community captured and tortured Freddy’s lover. Freddy was able to set him free but was hung in the woods after being captured himself. Years after his death, the children and grandchildren of the townspeople experience terrifying nightmares involving a man who takes his sexually driven revenge on his innocent and often virginal victims. Now, Dean Holland along with his friends, Jordan Ashton, Nathan Stratus, Roxy Red, and Ashton Cody are being haunted by the ghost of Freddy in their dreams. When each one begins to experience intense sexual nightmares that continue to increase violently, Dean and his friends realize they must find a way to stop the psychopath’s reign of terror – or never sleep safe again.

Parodying the infamous series with nearly the same name; Nightmare on Twink Street is the perfect mix of hot sex and intense bondage action with classic horror flick undertones. Relive this classic in the hottest way possible!

I’m not exactly sure if “perfect” is the way I’d describe this film.

Not Safe For Work Trailer available  at The JustUsBoys Blog.

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  1. Anonymous says
    November 16, 2010, 6:10 am

    I declare it an instant classic, right up there with such unforgettable titles as “Edward Penishands”, “Jur’Ass in the Park”, and “Cyrano de Bergercock”!

    And no, I didn’t make those up!

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