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Republicans Deny Global Warming

In this brave new political world we find ourselves in, what does it mean when the denial of reality is a fundamental part of its political outlook? The most recent Pew Poll of political outlook found that 53% percent of Republicans say that there is no solid evidence the Earth is warming. That’s a pretty substantial number, a majority of the party respondents.

What’s even more troubling is that 70% of self-identified Tea Party Republicans respond this way. Since the Tea Party seems to be the Northstar of the GOP at the moment, with many of the leading voices of the Congress being part of or paying lip-service to their beliefs, this is a great cause for concern for the direction our country is taking.

With a substantial majority of Democrats (79%) polled stating there is solid evidence that the average temperature on Earth has increased over the past few decades, and 53% think the earth is warming mostly because of human activity versus 38% and 16% on the other side of the isle saying the same thing, what was previously a debate over what’s the best thing to do about a very direct and pressing problem, now shapes itself as being a party debate, with all of the silliness, ridiculousness and, lets face it, inaction political bodies engage in.

While it’s uncertain what, exactly, should be done to limit our impact on the environment and mitigate the impact of our modern (and pretty fucking cool) civilization on the planet, the Green technologies that promise to help are less likely to be implemented now that our emphasis has changed. What’s even more worrying, those policies that are certain to exacerbate and increase the problem — increased fossil fuel consumption, overturning limits on greenhouse gas emissions — are some of the policies the Tea Party and the GOP are most interested in implementing.

How did we make it out of primordial ooze again?

Take a look at the survey and its results here.

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  1. mm2 says
    January 17, 2011, 1:16 pm

    There is now global warming – you people are all mad I tell you. Now excuse me while I go out and pick lemons from my tree in my backyard in Chicago. Polar bears are not drowning due to the lack of ice, they are committing suicide because they fear the wrath of Sara Palin’s AK-47.

    Did you really expect these people to admit they were wrong? Once Republicans tell a lie they believe it completely.

    BTW, did you see Thor and Capt. America on the Golden Globes together? They make a hot couple, so nice Hollywood understands these things.


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