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That *other* Gallagher – Terrible comedian, now raging bigot!

Pardon me for a seemingly non-doorQ-y aside (although there is a connection, which I’ll get to in a minute), but I had to bring light to the fact that washed-up has-been prop comic “Gallagher” has recently been accused of all kinds of bigotry.  Seems that no one is safe from his self-important racist rants, from blacks to arabs and, yes, to us Mos.  I guess all those years of smashing fruit was just a not-so-subtle metaphor.

“But wait,” you say.  “Isn’t Gallagher himself a fruit?”  Well, I sure as hell think so.  Have you listened to him?  This recent episode of comedian Mark Maron’s WTF podcast has Gallagher trying to defend himself, but instead he just storms out of the interview.  Way to be a mature, thirty-year veteran of comedy.

Besides, being uncomfortable with their own sexual preference never stopped anyone else from showing it to the world in the form of vile attacks whether physical or verbal.  What’s nice is there now seems to be an equal backlash against the loser comedian for this very reason.

Here’s an opinion from a cute kid on YouTube.  You go, girl!

And in this interview at The Onion AV Club, Gallagher defends being a dick to his opening acts.  Check out the appalling video, and then read some of the hilarious vitriol in the comments on Youtube.  I don’t think Gallagher’s gaining any new fans.

But finally, I promised I’d bring it back to doorQ-dom, so here it is, the final insult:  For those that didn’t listen to the entire Mark Maron podcast, here is a short transcript of some of Gallagher’s transgressions, including an attack – on Pokemon!  How dare he?

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