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Star Tours: My Husband Is A Rebel Spy

Today, the much needed relaunch of Star Tours in Disneyland. California opened to the public. A few years back, the ride closed as the motion simulation technology it utilized  — state of the art at its launch in 1987 — was severely dated. For many years, only the die-hard fans and lost tourists headed to Star Tours.

Disney closed the ride last July, promising a much new and much improved experience. Some of us — my husband and I — circled the date and waited with much anticipation. When today rolled around, we broke out our annual passes and headed to Disneyland for Star Tour’s Grand Opening.

And a really, really long line.

But we had tasty corn dogs from Main Street to keep us from starving in a line that weaved back and forth, ironically from our Main Street corn dog stand to Star Tour’s entrance in Tomorrowland. Yikes! Maybe I’ll get an extra corndog…

10 minutes later, I finished my corndog.

30 minutes, still in line…hungry again.

60 minutes later…Oooh Cheetos!

90 minutes later…getting tired of waiting.

Finally, after another 30 minutes, we made into the main building…. and it looks fantastic! For good or bad, everything has been updated to match the style of the STAR WARS prequels. Instead of the rundown world of the original Star Wars, now everything is shiny and new like the latest trilogy. Instead of boarding the Starspeeder 3000, we’ve gone back in the past and now board the Starspeeder 1000, though we’re still guaranteed multiple vacation destinations.

As for the ride itself.. well…we did have a false start. My group of thirty-nine fellow guests spent four minutes and 30 seconds booing and screaming at a blank 3D screen as our starspeeder jerked up and down and back and forth. Not only was I lamenting the downfall of humanity, I was also getting a little motion sick.

After the revolt from our disgruntled passengers, we were off again on our amazing adventure. Definitely worth the two hour wait for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Simply amazing! If you want to be spoiled, there are plenty of walk-throughs online, so I won’t go into too much detail. Overall, there are  4 major adventures on the tour, with 50 different combinations of those adventures. It’s like a big video game. Okay, one little spoiler: there is always one rebel spy on board your starspeeder. Today, the rebel spy was… my husband, Adam Browne! Nooooooooo!!!! We had fun booing him for bit.

The make-up sex was good, though.

Overall: great effects, pitch-perfect motion simulation, state of the art 3D technology (like AVATAR 3D, not AIRBENDER 3D) and my rebellious husband make for a wonderful experience. Best of all? Jar Jar Binks is in only one of four adventures and doesn’t say a single thing. Meesa say Yay!

With 50 possible combinations, this is a Disney attraction we are certain to ride again and again. So that’s another, what, 98 hours of waiting in line. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it, Honey?

Honey? Honey?

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  1. JT Tepnapa says
    June 7, 2011, 6:13 pm

    Looks like Darth Vader made an appearance too.


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