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REVIEW: Transformers 3

!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!

I saw Transformers 3 last night with my ex (since TF2 was our movie) and I only have one thing in my mind “Thank the Force it will be rebooted in the next movie…


Frak!!!! Megatron can’t die!!!! Megatron is the whole point of every movie!! The whole mother frakker plot to every mother frakker Transformers story! I didn’t mind when he died in the first one because it was obvious he would be revived somehow, but… Frak! Megatron just can’t die! It is the will of the Force!
Neither can Starscream!!!! My favorite Decepticon!

Just a tiny glimpse on Soundwave? Lazerbeak had even more screen time…

Shockwave… Expecting more as well… So it’s that easy to kill him?…

Weak Decepticon invasion on Chicago… THAT I was expecting a LOT more! The footage they show in the trailers IS the whole invasion…

The movie ended too abruptly… Everyone died, Optimus’s speech, and then BAM end credits.

Ok enough spoilers, I was letting out some feelings I had.
Transformers 3 is a huge departure from the 2 previous movies. It actually shows it got serious and grew up. Much like Linkin Park’s career.  Great way to end this Michael Bay Transformers Saga. First there was the discovery (TF1), fun with plot holes (TF2), and the grown up end (TF3).

Frak, so much Americanization in the movie… ENOUGH WITH THE TRUMPETS MUSIC AND THE AMERICAN FLAGS!!! Don’t you see you are just sending the message that America is all about war??? Oh wait…

As a long term Linkin Park fan I loved when Iridescent played, but overall, I think Steve Jablonsky integrated New Divide much better in the previous movie soundtrack than he did here. Plus, in the end credits, after Iridescent played out, they played a stupid non-Linkin Park song… the Catalyst would have sound great there.

I really hated what Spock did.. Oh sorry, Sentinel Spock. Oh wait… Sentinel Prime. He was a Jerk, I really wasn’t expecting him to go evil… Maybe I was blinded by his Vulcan Logic. But ok, he had his reasons to do what he did…
Loved the Star Trek references though, and the fact Leonard Nimoy says once again “The needs of the many outweights the needs of the few”!

I was about to shut down my iPod when I realized… I DIDNT MENTION THE VISUAL EFFECTS! Frak me they were awesome!!!! (please, do frak me, I really need it)
They were amazing! In the other movies they were great, however they had a pitch of unrealism in the transformers’s interaction where they tend to “land” during their fights… But  the evolution here is unprecedented! Shitty Avatar’s visuals is nothing compared to Transformers 3’s!

Great movie to end a great trilogy. Go see it, give your money to the all mighty movie, because I wan’t another one.

Let the reboot begin!
Enviado do meu iPod

Oh, and hated the new chick. Everytime she opened her mouth I just wanted to shove my biggest dildo down her throaght to shut her up. Megan, volta! Estás perdoada!

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