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DoorQ.Com | Tim Sullivan on Sean Lockhart, Rising Star + My Top Queer Fears Part 1
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Tim Sullivan on Sean Lockhart, Rising Star + My Top Queer Fears Part 1

Horror maestro Tim Sullivan shares with his thoughts on his new CHILLERAMA movie, the I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR short, the Rising Star award for Sean Paul Lockhart (Brent Corrigan) and the best in Queer Fear. -DQM

With 4th of July fireworks still bursting in the air, how fitting that this week also marks the arrival of Q Fest, Philadelphia’s premiere LGBT film festival. Having just played San Francisco and Denver to great success, I Was a Teenage Werebear will screen this Friday, July 8th in the City of Freedom.

The response to Teenage Werebear and its playfully subversive message of tolerance and “Room For All” has been quite heartening and encouraging not only for me, but for my Chillerama partners in crime, Adam Green, Joe Lynch and Adam Rifkin. The goal was to make something that particularly spoke to gay audiences, but at the same time did not alienate the mainstream (in other words- the ‘straight’ majority!).

It feels like we succeeded, and soon, when Chillerama starts playing in its entirety to more and more people, we will know for sure. In the meantime, it has been quite exciting testing the waters at the short film and horror festivals. This Friday is a particularly special occasion, for this screening at the Philly Q Fest will see Werebear’s Sean Paul Lockhart receive the Rising Star Award.

Those following the Chillerama/Werebear journey know that Sean is also known as Brent Corrigan, arguably the most successful gay adult porn star of all time. But just as it takes many colors to paint a portrait, it takes many shades to define a person, and just as Sean is an Adult Film Icon, he is also a mega talented ACTOR, period. An actor with great charm, appeal and skill adepts at comedy, drama, singing, dancing… ya know. An actor’s basic range. But few in this film industry of limited vision have allowed Sean the chance to express those skills, God forbid a ‘porn star”, let alone a ‘gay porn star” should have a second act as a mainstream screen personality.

But Chillerama has always been about breaking rules. And I am blessed to have partners in Green, Lynch and Rikfin (as well as our loyal distributor, Image Entertainment) who love nothing more then flipping the proverbial middle finger at conformity and the status quo and backed me in the casting of Sean. Despite the inevitable haters, the response has been quite vindicating, especially with Sean’s upcoming award.

This award is not only for Sean’s work in  Werebear, but for his exceptional supporting dramatic role in the amazing Indie feature Judas Kiss, directed by J.T. Tepnapa and co-produced by my pal Jody Wheeler. A Twilight Zone-esque tale of a filmmaker who goes back in time to confront his younger self, Judas Kiss is a movie I truly believe has appeal for genre fans of all shapes and colors if ya know what I mean. It has a great performances by actors not unfamiliar to the genre crowd- Charlie David of Dante’s Cove, Richard Harmon of Caprica and Timo Descamps, whose vampiric official music video from the film (which also stars Sean Paul Lockhart) can be seen by clicking below.

To mark the occasion of Sean’s win, Q Fest is holding a special night of Queer Fear shorts, which is more and more becoming a genre of its own. But lest anyone think Queer Fear is something new, time to take notes, class, as I present to you, in chronological order,  Part One of what I consider the

Directed by James Whale
Openly gay auteur James Whale arguably made the first horror “masterpiece” by transcending the genre with a sequel that seamlessly blends both tragedy and comedy. In Whale’s touching, brilliant world of Gods and Monsters, it is the lack of love and acceptance which shapes the reluctant demon, a thinly veiled metaphor for Whale’s compassion of those, like himself, forced to exist on the fringe.

Directed by Lambert Hillyer
With Bela Lugosi nowhere to be found in Universal’s follow-up to 1931’s DRACULA, Gloria Holden plays the undead Count’s brooding daughter who shares both his taste for blood — and female flesh. The scene where Holden procures, disrobes, and destroys a nubile lass under the guise of “painting her portrait” is an infamous, code-breaking classic.

Directed by Albert Lewin
Though MGM tried to water down this first, and finest, adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s cautionary tale of “fatal friendship” and the “love that dare not speak its name” wears its lily heart on its sleeve.

Directed by Terence Fisher
Seemingly influenced more by Tennessee Williams than Bram Stoker, Hammer’s second foray into vampire territory features David Peel as Baron Meinster — a fey, blonde bloodsucker literally chained to his bed by an overprotective mother who hates a world she believes could never understand her “distinctive” son. Which, of course, begs the question, “Just who exactly is the Bride of Dracula?”

PSYCHO (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Speaking of Oedipal boys, Hitchcock’s masterpiece is the final word on the subject. Anthony Perkins dons his mummified mother’s outfits and wigs then slaughters naked woman in his motel shower, basically dressing up so he can get it up. “Dr. Kinsey will see you now, Mister Bates….”

Directed by Robert Wise
“Whatever walked there, walked alone.” Hmm. Sound relatable, my queer brethren? Madness, suicide, and the paranormal inhabit both Hill House and Julie Harris in this pitch-perfect version of Shirley Jackson’s frightening campfire where ghosts aren’t the only thing in the closet.

See ya next week for Part Two!

Check out Tim’s regular column at FearNet.Com

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  1. Albert says
    July 5, 2011, 5:53 pm

    Jody Wheeler gives himself very short shrift towards Sean/Brent. It was Jody that first presented Brent to us fans in a non-porn role as ‘Skippy,’ the demon in Jody’s own award winning creative writing effort and independent film, ‘Tell Me.’ A couple of years later, Jody starred Brent with J. T. Tepnapa. in the short film, ‘In the Closet.’ Again, Brent was a Demon of sorts. Jody was an associate something or other in the creation of ‘Judas Kiss.’ Some of us have always seen the gift Sean has for acting. We are lucky Jody was near by to help expose it.


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