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Send a kid to Comic-Con (with PRISM)

Prism Comics is dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) comics, creators and fans. Every year, they have a major presence at Comic-Con International, the largest comics and pop-culture event in North America. They sell and promote LGBT comics, organize and moderate panel discussions (a record four panels are planned for this year) and sponsor social events. This year, their hub for all this activity will be a three-booth exhibition space in the main publisher area of the convention floor.

This year, they will be hosting almost dozen talented LGBT cartoonists as partners in our exhibition space. This enables these indie creators to have a major presence at the Con in a high-traffic area—neighboring heavy-hitters like Marvel and DC Comics—where they can introduce their work to lots of new fans and pay a cost much, much lower than it would be for them to buy their own premium space at the show.

Their stellar lineup this year includes:

PRISM wants to make sure partnering with them at the show stays within reach of indie creators, so they’re reaching out to the community for support. To this end they’ve been running a Kick Starter Campaign to raise funds to help people attend the event. All proceeds will go directly toward reducing cost for these partners, so they can promote and sell their work at the most important comics show of the year.

LGBT cartoonists are producing amazing material that deserves the spotlight of Comic-Con International, so please head over to the Kick Starter page and give a little love in support of our unique and vibrant artistic community!

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This domain is for sale. Click here for more information.
This domain is for sale. Click here for more information.