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DoorQ.Com | Sony & Legendary drop three films, 'Player One' & 'Magic Kingdom' heading to the big screen
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Sony & Legendary drop three films, 'Player One' & 'Magic Kingdom' heading to the big screen

IDW’s upcoming Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover has a title: Assimilation and features the crew of the Enterprise and the Doctor, Amy and Rory battling both the Borg and the Cybermen.

Warner Bros has given A Better Life and Journey to the End of Night screenwriter Eric Eason the chance to take a whack at Ready Player One, which is based on the novel by Ernie Cline. The author himself has already written the screenplay –he wrote the cult film Fanboys– , but apparently the WB felt that Eason could polish the screenplay by giving it his unique perspective and experience with character driven stories would be the best fit for this concept driven film. Ready Player One has been described as The Matrix meets Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and follows the story of Wade Watts, a teen from the year 2044 who escapes his bleak surroundings of poverty and pollution by becoming immersed in the world of OASIS, an MMO virtual reality world. When James Halliday, the game’s eccentric creator, dies, he sets an elaborate treasure hunt that will see the winner taking over his company. Wade willingly enters the game and upon stumbling on the first puzzle, he finds himself against powerful players who will do anything (even murder), both in the virtual world and the real world, to win the treasure.  Now the only way for Wade to survive is to win. But to do so, he may have to leave behind his perfect virtual existence and face up to life and love in the real world that he’s always been desperate to escape.

Warner Bros is moving forward with City of Golden Shadow, the first novel in Tad Williams Otherland tetralogy. John Scott III (Caves of Steel) is writing the script, while Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows producer Dan Lin will do the same on this film.

Legendary Pictures has finally pulled the plug on Alex Proyas’ ambitious feature adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost reports Reuters. Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck and Benjamin Walker were set to star in the film which was originally set to begin shooting last month in Australia until Legendary delayed the shoot indefinitely in December due to financial issues. Suggestions arose a few weeks ago that filming would resume in June but now Legendary has decided to cancel it altogether as a source tells the trade that the intricate special effects “required a substantial investment in technology.”

In other cancellation news, Sony’ Columbia  Pictures has decided not to go ahead with Anchorman director Adam McKay’s plans to adapt the Garth Ennis comic The Boys. According to McKay himself, the project could still be picked up by another studio, but if it does happen at this point, it won’t be R-rated.

Meanwhile Sony’s Screen Gems has dropped the adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s fantasy series The Mortal Instruments, which was slated to be directed by Legion‘s Scott Stewart and star Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. The rights holder, Constantin Films, has reportedly decided to pursue another co-financier or just pay for the thing themselves, though it’s not clear if the current cast and crew will remain through this transition.

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura told Coming Soon today that the next Transformers film will be there “in the summer of 2014.” Whether Michael Bay returns to direct seems not to matter. “Michael had a debate because he sort of felt at first that he’d done three. Michael and I are both the same in that we always like to top ourselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean bigger. It can be bigger in places, it just means different, but we’re going to push really hard as fresh and new as we can be.” The producer shied away from using the ever-popular word “reboot,” but it sounds like whatever the Transformers team comes up with two years from now, there will at least be some new faces on the screen. ***UPDATE***: After posting this, it was confirmed that Transformers 4 will be released on June 29, 2014 and that Michael Bay will return to direct.

After Universal dumped Magic Kingdom for Sale — Sold!, the first book in Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom of Landover series, Warner Bros. has now acquired the property.  Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures, Andy Cohen’s Grade A Entertainment, and Weed Road’s Kerry Foster and Alex Block will produce. The story follows a recently widowed lawyer who finds an advertisement in an upscale Christmas catalog claiming to offer a magical kingdom for $1 million by a man named Mr. Meeks. After he purchases it, he discovers he must unite the kingdom’s denizens and creatures to stop an evil demon bent on destroying the realm.

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