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DoorQ.Com | Locus Award winners, Joe Cornish to helm 'Snow Crash' & Will Smith not the "sequel" guy?
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Locus Award winners, Joe Cornish to helm 'Snow Crash' & Will Smith not the "sequel" guy?

While the Locus Award is not as highly coveted as the Nebula or Hugo’s for Science Fiction or Fantasy, they are generally considered to be designed to influence the Hugo’s.

The 2012 Awards for books published in 2011 were handed out over the weekend with Embassytown by China Miéville taking home the science fiction award. Not surprisingly, Dances with Dragons by George R.R. Martin took the top award for fantasy. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern took the Best First novel, while The Girl Who Circumnavigated  Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente took honors for Best Young Adult.

The rest of the list is here

Bryan Fuller is bringing one of regular actors to Mockingbird Lane. Veteran character actor Beth Grant, who played nosy neighbor Marianne Marie Beattle on Fuller’s Wonderfalls and then brought the character over to his Pushing Daises series, will have a recurring role on The Munsters reboot as the wheelchair bound neighborhood busybody, Maryanne. Apparently, this Maryanne is very suspicious of her creepy new neighbors.

Director Joe Cornish, who wowed critics with his low budget alien invasion film Attack the Block has scored a major follow-up prize, the long in development version of Neal Stephenson’s 1992 classic novel Snow Crash. The long-time Steven Spielberg producer Kathleen Kennedy (who has been tapped to take over the CEO reigns of Lucasfilm now that George is retiring) has drafted Cornish to write and direct the film for problem-plagued Paramount Pictures.  Snow Crash follows Hiro Protagonist as he investigates the effects of a mysterious virus called “Snow Crash” through both real and virtual worlds in a near future dominated by corporations and organized crime. The novel’s development history goes all the way back to its publication, when Kennedy first picked it up for Paramount. The studio eventually dropped the project, and Kennedy took it to Disney, where it went stagnant.

While it might be possible for Daniel Radcliffe to make an appearance in the Woman in Black sequel, Angel’s of Death, if he does, the odds it will be a small role, as Hammer CEO Simon Oakes has stated that a second film in the series would be more of a continuation rather than a traditional sequel. Still, even if its “completely different, with a different story and cast,” Radcliffe could come back “as a link between the films may be integral in keeping fans of the original on board.”

While promoting Men in Black 3, Will Smith told reporters that “I don’t want to be the sequel guy.” While completely missing the irony of that statement, it came from the BBC News when the asked if he was going to be involved in the sequel to the 2007 remake of I Am Legend. “Producers are working on it,” Smith told them. “I’m not actually working on it. If it’s great, I’m into it.” When pressed if there was any chance he’d reconsider, Smith confessed, “Probably not.” In fact, though, while he claims not to want to be the “sequel” guy he is apparently not “ruling out” a Men In Black 4, Bad Boys 3, or Hancock 2. Perhaps when it comes to a continuation of I Am Legend, maybe because the character dies at the end, he sees no logical reason to come back. Or he just hated doing the film.

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