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Paramount releases Star Trek Into Darkness One Sheet

I’ve seen this marketing before in the book business, Covers for novels -and to some extent nonfiction titles- are very important. And while everyone says “don’t judge a book by its cover,” most people do because we are a very visual species.We are drawn to certain colors, designs and images because they are safe, yet cool at the same time. One annoying habit the book industry does do, is there is a hugely successful book with -maybe- an exciting cover, expect other publishers to sort of do variations on it. That is probably why Paramount is releasing this poster for Star Trek Into Darkness that borrows heavily from Warner Bros Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

That film was a hit, a lot of people loved the movie poster design so why not try and repeat it a bit? In the end, it’s not a bad poster, just an example of way marketing works. It’s always been this way, so one cannot comment that this is just lazy marketing. People like the familiar, which means marketing will always be, like most movies, a variation on a theme.

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