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Duplass added to the cast of ‘Mercy’

Chandler-Riggs-Carl-hat-Walking-Dead-AMCAnother short story from Stephen King’s 1985 collection Skeleton Crew is headed for the big screen. Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead) has signed to Gramma, and is playing young, Georgie, who has to take care of his ill grandmother when his mother needs to venture to a hospital to see her other son, who has broken a leg. It seems the old lady is a wirtch. Gramma was adaptedskeletoncrew once before as an episode of the New Twilight Zone back in 1986 with a screenplay by legendary author Harlan Ellison. Peter Cornwell (A Haunting in Connecticut) is directing this new take, now called Mercy, based on a screenplay by Matt Greenberg. The film will also star Mark Duplass, Dylan McDermott, Francis O’Connor, Shirley Knight, and Super 8’s Joel Courtney.

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