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DoorQ.Com | Paramount drops new 'World War Z' trailer
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Paramount drops new 'World War Z' trailer

World_War_Z_book_coverProblem plagued World War Z -which was pulled from its December 21, 2012 release date last March (!!!!)- has new trailer for its new June 13, 2013 release. The movie is based on the Max Brooks bestseller which was adapted by Matthew Michael Carnahan and has had a troubled history. With an original release date already set, the film started lensing without a completed script and from there trouble began, which included issues with the Hungarian police who raided the set because of rumors the film crew was using unlicensed firearms, to the reported incident where star/producer Brad Pitt needed to save an extra from being trampled in a crowd scene that had as many as 700 people. Also there was a point, apparently, where Pitt and director Marc Forster where no longer communicating with each other. Both Drew Goddard and perpetually busy Damon Lindelof were brought in to help with what turned out to be extensive reshoots and a brand new ending.

Films being delayed for reshoots is nothing new and in the grander sense, the issue may lie more with the studios setting release dates long before word one has come out of the laser printer; but poor scripting and unusual choice in director, can also cause these delays,

While there is hope that this film can be saved -Paramount could loose a ton of money here- there should also have some caution here. Yes, this trailer looks great (and at one part we have Zombies on a Plane going on). But with so many people brought in to help salvage the film, there is a possibility that you end up with a mish-mash, a Frankenstein monster of sewed together parts.

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