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DoorQ.Com | Disney to launch new animated TV series in fall of 2014
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Disney to launch new animated TV series in fall of 2014


Just after Cartoon Network aired the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fifth season, it was announced that there would be no sixth for the award  winning and critically acclaimed animated series. For some, this was not a huge surprise. Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm last summer, many had speculated on what would be the future of anything Star Wars related that would not be airing on any Disney owned channel.

For others, it was horrible news. The Clone Wars series was the most adult of all the animated products that were spun off from the movie franchise, and under the helm of a great creative team, showed that Star Wars could be fun, dangerous and well-written despite the baggage left by George Lucas and his prequel movie series. The show ran for five seasons on CN, where it enjoyed good ratings and hundred plus episodes, which now made it available to aired daily. The storyline was set between episode II and III of the theatrical movies and detailed the life of the Jedi -including Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan- during the early rise of the Empire.

But for some, perhaps influenced by the prequel series, felt that the show needed to move further away from the origin movies. Now this may happen, as Disney and Lucasfilm have announced a new animated series set to begin airing in the fall of 2014 on Disney XD. Called Star Wars Rebels, it will be set in the 19 years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Much like Clone Wars, this new series will detail the rise of the Rebels, now that the Empire is full control of the galaxy. The series three executive producers are Dave Filoni, the point man on The Clone Wars, screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes), who wrote the pilot, and Greg Weisman, whose credits include well-regarded work on Young Justice and The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Beyond that, not much is known. I would speculate that Darth Vader and The Emperor should make appearances on the show, though I would assume they’ll not be the main focus of it (but not having them appear would be criminal). Neither should they detail early (and or teen) life of either Luke or Leia, as we saw the lives they lead -in a roundabout sort of way- in the first six movies. Neither should Han Solo for that matter, or Yoda or Obi Wan or Chewbacca. My guess is we’ll see more of the droids again -the one continuous thread through out the Star Wars tapestry.

Expanded Universe novels, I’m also guessing, will probably help influence some of the stories set in that time period, but that is just speculation.


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