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DoorQ.Com | Has Matt Smith Already Filmed His Last ‘Doctor Who?’
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Has Matt Smith Already Filmed His Last ‘Doctor Who?’

Ryan Gosling directs Matt Smith in shirtless scenes for 'How To Catch A Monster' in Detroit

When the photo surfaced of Doctor Who actor Matt Smith with a shaved head on the set of his first film, which was lensing in Detroit, one the first thoughts was how the producers of that British franchise where going to explain Smith’s hair when the actor returned to film his final episode as the Doctor for the now annual Christmas episode.

I mean continuity is a huge thing in episodic TV, especially after the show is sold into syndication when it’s broadcast on daily basis and –usually- aired in sequential order. You might expect to see both male and female actors trim their hair between seasons, but there are some actors whose hair becomes their signature and the studios that employ them don’t want them even getting a trim so that could affect the continuity of the show. And as much as Tom Baker’s scarf and hair became an iconic aspect of the fourth Doctor, Smith hair has become his signature as well for the eleventh Doctor. So, eventually down the line, when Doctor Who airs in syndication, the upcoming 2013 Christmas episode will follow the 50th Anniversary episode. And unless they make a noted reference, which they could, (which has been done before, like when Avery Brooks was able to shave his head for the remainder of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s run, or when Jonathan Frakes grew a beard between season 1 and 2 of The Next Generation and Gene Roddenberry liked it so much, it became a permanent fixture of Will Riker. Each was given a quick nod to the change, though) there’s bound to be a bit of confusion if they don’t mention it.

I’m suspecting now that Smith has already filmed his regeneration scene with new Doctor, Peter Capaldi (which then opens a whole new barrel of monkeys –it means Capaldi was chosen months ago when the episode was actually filmed, which creates a conspiracy of silence that is shocking in this age of social media and spoilers).  Of course, I could be wrong, but such a change in hairstyles could be a major distraction on what will already be an emotional episode.

Then there is the problem of when season 8 of new Who begins airing. While the BBC remains, as always, tight lipped about its broadcast schedule, they have said that yes, the show begins production in February and will air all 12 episodes ordered over, well, twelve weeks. Seeing that the series has a grueling nine month production shoot, the earliest the season could begin would be September or October of 2014 to keep to airing new episodes for that length. So why wait until the final moments of the 2013 Christmas Special to show a brief scene of Capaldi as the new Doctor and then force the viewers to wait nine to ten months to see him again?

On the flip side, with filming on that Christmas Special now underway, could they –with a brief break- go into filming the new season with hopes of debuting it around Easter 2014? As said, the BBC zips their lips and showrunner Steven Moffat has proven to be a brilliant liar. Plus he has made it known how much he hates spoilers and how they are, essentially, ruining both TV and movies.  And they’ve succeed in keeping Jenna Coleman’s appearance in the 7th season opener a secret plus John Hurt’s cameo at the end of season seven, so I know they try.


Of course, this is what they want. By keeping us fans in the dark and by us speculating, it’s all free publicity and keeps Doctor Who on the lips of many.

So was a Matt Smith regeneration into Peter Capaldi done as far back as March/April when the 50th Anniversary story was filmed , thus making the Christmas episode the debut story of the twelfth Doctor, or will the producers throw a wig on Smith and hope no one notices it or will they explain his short hair in that story?

Time, as the saying goes, I guess will tell.

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