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Shoreline Entertainment Acquires World Rights to THE DARK PLACE

Shoreline Entertainment, the Los Angeles-based production and sales company, has picked up world sales rights to wine-country mystery-thriller, The Dark Place, from Blue Seraph Productions.

Jody Wheeler (Heat WaveIn the Closet) directed the story, with J.T. Tepnapa (Judas Kiss), from Wheeler’s own screenplay, with Carlos Pedraza producing.

The film focuses on Keegan Dark, a troubled young man cursed with the uncanny ability to remember his life in videographic detail. He returns to his family’s wine estate, boyfriend in tow, to make amends with his estranged mother, only to discover a conspiracy that frames him for murder and threatens his family’s lives and livelihood.

Pictured: After a near-fatal accident, Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry) is examined by a doctor (Andy Copeland) who may not have Keegan’s best interests at heart.Pictured: After a near-fatal mishap, Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry) is examined by a doctor (Andy Copeland) who may not have Keegan’s best interests at heart.

Blaise Embry (Showtime’s Weeds, NBC’s The Office) leads the ensemble cast as Keegan, joined by Timo Descamps (Judas Kiss), Sean Paul Lockhart (TruthTriple CrossedJudas Kiss) and Eduardo Rioseco (NBC’s Parenthood), with Shannon Day (Portlandia, NBC’sGrimmLand of the Lost).

Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin (Glengarry Glen Ross) said of The Dark Place, “This is a very exciting thriller with great unexpected twists and turns, as well as strong characters. We picked up the film after seeing a rough cut because the film excels in all these places and offers an original perspective.”

Wheeler and Tepnapa also produced, while Steve Parker served as executive producer. Pedraza, Wheeler and Parker negotiated the deal with Shoreline’s director of acquisitions, Melody Djavadi.

“We are thrilled by the prospect of a worldwide partnership with Shoreline, and look forward to an exciting film festival season and distribution that brings this story to the widest audience possible,” said director Wheeler.

The Dark Place is the second feature from Los Angeles’ Blue Seraph Productions, established by co-director Tepnapa and producer-writer Pedraza; Wheeler joined the company in 2012.

Their first feature, Judas Kiss, premiered to acclaim in 2011. Critics lauded the film’s high production values, strong ensemble cast, and its ambitious effort to meld drama, science fiction and magical realism; the film won multiple awards for its direction, screenplay and acting.

Shoreline Entertainment is one of the film industry’s longest-running independent production and international sales agencies. It acquires distinguished projects and premieres them as marquee films at prestigious festivals and for theatrical runs. Notable releases include the horror hit, The Signal, the Spanish-language action film 7 Boxes, the Sundance premiere Father’s Chair, and the Outfest award winner,Geography Club.


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