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‘Day of The Doctor’ & Fans

I liked the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode The Day of The Doctor. However, this one seemed to be more about celebrating the last 7 years than embracing the whole franchise over its fifty year life span. Which it should in some ways, as the new Doctor Who (like the later iterations of Star TrekTNG, DS9, and especially VOY and ENT and the reboot movie franchise) is not really for the hardcore fans of shows (people like me who’ve been praising it for 33 years) but the new generation that embraced it since its return in 2005. They’ve helped propel the franchise beyond its cultish life it had between its start in 1963 to its end in 1989 and the wilderness years before its return. These new fans deserve the credit as much as us older ones. But the real truth has always been that like the new Trek series, this new version of Doctor Who is for the generation growing up now. So the longtime fans have a choice –seen as bitter to some- to either embrace the newer show and accept that it’s true nature and dayof thedoctorenjoy, or we can ignore it and watch Duck Dynasty. I hate that show, so bring on Doctor Who.

While Tom Baker’s scene towards the end can be taken in either the one thrown bone to longtime fans and Baker’s make up for snubbing the franchise 30 years ago when he did not appear in The Five Doctors or something more clever, whatever it was, one could not feel happiness at his return –no matter what theory you want to cook up to explain who he really is playing (my impression is this is Moffat’s chance to foreshadow what will most likely happen in the Christmas special, thank you to Night of The Doctor and the Sisterhood of Karn for showing us this).

In the end, The Day of the Doctor was entertaining, funny, exciting and a well done. I can either be upset that it did not embrace the last 43 years before its return, or I can just enjoy what has been the best year of a 50 year-old franchise that continues to grow. I may not be pleased with everything it does, but that’s life. Long live Doctor Who.

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