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Bent-Con 2012 PICS!!! (part 1)

Bent-Con 2012 is now over. And while it was hard work for all the people that made it possible, I can say that what they did was magnificent. It was a delightful weekend filled with panels, movies, costumes and great people. The third annual event was held at the Marriot Convention Center here in Burbank. And while California is known for its sun and warmth, this weekend turned out to be damp and cool, with some rain, some sun, some drizzle, some clouds, some bears, some twinks and some clouds. And some rain, did I mention that?

I’ll be posting a few pictures over the coming days of the event, some cheeky, some cool and some just for the heck of it:

Husbands: The Series stars Sean Hemeon, Brad “Cheeks” Bell (also co-creator and writer) and writer/co-creator Jane Espenson were there to talk, visit, sign and take photographs with fans.

Thanks to NBC’s Community creating a parody of Doctor Who and then casting Travis Richey in the role as Inspector Spacetime, the talented actor and his brilliant writing partner Eric Loya created Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. They can’t officially call it Inspector Spacetime for various blah, legal, blah, reasons, the two have taken the concept, adjusted it, and what they’ve given us is something clearly superior.


Gay spin on Comic Con Announces Fundraising Drive

In space, no one can hear you scream. Bent-Con is betting that on Earth people can hear you launch your fundraising drive.

Bent-Con, the world’s largest gathering of LGBTQ geeks, nerds, fans, creators, industry and allies of genre pop-culture announced today the launch of their 2012 convention fundraising drive. This year, the third year of their event, Bent-Con is looking to raise $20,000 to better enhance, develop and expand their annual convention celebrating the gay contribution to the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres, as seen in comics, movies, games, literature and technology.

Started in 2010 with a one-day gathering that blew past expectations when 500 guests crowded into a small, donated storefront, the event exploded in 2011, when 2000 people attended two day event, complete with vendors, panels, guests, movies and parties. This year, expectations and excitement are high, as Bent-Con has announced a stellar line-up of guests from across the genre landscape, industry lights that include authors Christopher Rice (The Heavens Rise) and David Gerrold (When Harlie Was One), actress Claudia Christian (Babylon 5), creator Jane Espenson (Husbands), artist Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman), and the legendary mutli-hyphen Wendy Pini (Elf Quest, Masque of the Red Death.) The convention organizers are raising funds to better serve the increasing visibility and interest the convention.

“Unlike most conventions, we’re a non-profit, 501c3 foundation,” says convention organizer and Bent-Con president Sean Holman. “We do this by the skin of our teeth and cut corners where we can, doing without many of the things the larger, for profit cons do. With this year’s fundraiser, we’re looking to pay a host of expenses before the con starts and that way add back in the box-full of corners we usually cut out.”

Funds raised through IndieGoGo will cover step-and-repeats, red carpets, internet-wifi, professional grade video recording of panels, internet streaming of panels, scholarships, larger and more numerous meeting spaces, guest services, t-shirts, access and opportunity for guests in other countries to attend, advertising, signs, individual convention guides and paying off the event-space rental bill paid off before the con starts.

“We’d like to breathe easier this year — and make the best con we possibly can,” Holman said.

The full fundraising campaign information can be found at The page includes a full and detailed list of what money being raised is going towards, ways to donate and the various perks and gifts offered at each donation level.

Bent-Con 2012 Guest List Revealed!

Christopher Rice, Jane Espenson, David Gerrold, Phil Jimenez, and Wendy Pini lead a stellar lineup of guests and speakers to Bent-Con 2012, the pop-culture con for gay fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Comics, Games, Movies, and Books!

Now in its third year, Bent-Con promotes, encourages, celebrates and appreciates LGBT and LGBT-friendly contributions to the comic-book, gaming, Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror mediums of artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, producers and fans, be they works targeted directly to LGBT audiences or the larger realm of underground and mainstream pop-culture as a whole.

(But it’s just easier to think of it like a Comic-Con, only gayer!)

Headlining guests include:

Christopher Rice: Already the author of four NYT best-selling novels, Christopher has been an openly queer author since the publication of his first novel, A Density of Souls. Christopher will be reflecting on his already impressive career, as well as previewing his new novel, his first supernatural horror work. Christopher is the son of best-selling novelist Anne Rice and the late poet and painter, Stan Rice.

Jane Espenson: From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Caprica, Jane Espenson has brought hundreds of hours of excellent genre television to fans everywhere. Her webseries, Husbands (co-created with Brad Bell), about an alternative, humorous world where gay marriage is just as legal as straight ones, just premiered its second season on the web. Jane will be discussing her work on Husbands, her hit TV series Once Upon A Time and the first gay male Slayer joining Buffy: Season 9!

Phil Jimenez: Phil Jimenez: Best known for his work on Wonder Woman, artist and writer Phil Jimenez has also worked on Tempest, Infinite Crisis, New X-Men, The Invisibles and the much celebrated The Amazing Spider-Man cover featuring Barack Obama. Phil will be talking about his career as an openly gay comics artist as well as previewing his latest work, Fairest, a spin-off of from Vertigo’s popular Fables series.

David Gerrold. Raconteur, rabble-rouser and famed author all in one package, David Gerrold has over 50 books, several hundred articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes to his credit. His greatest achievement is the adoption of his son, considered “unplaceable” by the foster care service. He chronicled his experiences as a single gay father in his Hugo and Nebula Award winning novel The Martian Child. He’ll be talking about his life, his work and whatever else he damn well wants to.

Wendy Pini: Elf Quest creator and long-time fan-favorite Wendy Pini brings her creative effervescence and charm to Bent-Con! Her Masque of the Red Death — a graphic tale loosely inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s short story — recently caused censorship and controversy on Facebook. Her latest event, the eagerly anticipated Elf Quest: The Final Quest, recently made it’s web-comic debut on the popular BoingBoing website.

These guests are only the first of many, drawn from a wide range of media and speaking to a diverse and imaginative audience. Others currently set for attendance are:

Marc Andreyko, (writer, Blue Beetle); Brad “Cheeks” Bell, actor and co-creator of Husbands; Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) actress, author and filmmaker; Andrew Chambliss, writer with Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Once Upon A Time; Mars Homeworld, the Lovecraftian writer and composer behind Dead House Music; Patrick Fillion, artist and publisher of Class Comics; Drew Greenberg, writer of Warehouse 13 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; actor and playwright Tom Lenk (Buffy, Rock of Ages), Joe Phillips, artist, illustrator, and sculptor; Jeffrey Riddick, producer and screenwriter with Final Destination and Day of the Dead; the legendary Kerry O’Quinn, creator of Starlog and Fangoria magazines; Quentin Lee, producer and director behind the thriller Ethan Mao and the upcoming slasher flick, Chink; and Travis Richey, Inspector Spacetime and creator of Untitled Webseries about a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel In Time.

Bent-Con is November 30th, December 1st and 2nd, 2012, at the Burbank Marriott and Convention Center, in Burbank, California, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Tickets, room reservations and updated information is available at