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Wait… 5 years?

So about 3AM this morning — right as I wrapped up reading Steve Jobs the biography of the Apple founder — it hit me that just turned 5. I launched this puppy into space in 2007, shortly after I’d altered the course of the ship of my life by switching from psychotherapy / social work into film, literature and teaching. Both were pretty big undertakings, both had challenges and both are still moving in their own way at their own speed, navigating those challenges as best they can.

I will say that as my life has accelerated this past year, what with all of the film work, the book company I launched and the increasing number of writing assignments I’ve gotten, has lowered somewhat in direct supervision on my part. Less major writing by me, more working behind the scenes on new servers, technology and finding new writers. I’m happy about that last bit; I’ve found some great ones. More on the way.

Where is headed through Year Five and Beyond? I’m really hoping to seek out and find new, creative content. The site always seems to read better, feel better, when the content is new, original fiction, new comics, new videos and new opinion pieces. I don’t know about you, but the site just seems more alive then and less so when it’s simply tweaking the news of the day. We’ll see.

I want to thank you folks, old and new, for being here, being fans, being doorQs with the best of them. You are the best. The coolest. The most interesting people out there. We get a bit of a short-shrift in the larger gay world. Seeing you here, at various cons, even on other sites, reminds me of just how awesome everyone reading this is.

There’s still lots of room for improvement — I’d love to hear your thoughts below for what you’d like — and I’ll be making more subtle tweaks in the weeks ahead. Once again, thanks for being here. Until Cthulhu comes, eats our souls and drives us mad, I remain your humble DoorQusMaximus.

Do you remember that time in September?

I look at that skyline, in news reports, old TV shows and in the landscape of memory, and see it empty, naked and hurt.

I miss those buildings — and the normalcy they represented, now lost forever and replaced not only with longing and wistfulness, but a people torn mad and full of anger and rage.

When the buildings fell, so too did the angels of our Better Nature. I doubt I’ll see them in the sky anytime soon.

All your Futures' end

The all-but-here government shutdown isn’t about the budget. It isn’t really even about abortion. It is about pseudoscience, denialism and enshrining such stupidity into law.

No federal financing for Planned Parenthood because it performs abortions. Not because the government pays for abortions… it is forbidden to do so by the Hyde Amendment. But because Planned Parenthood primarily provides sex-ed, STD testing, HIV testing and family planning, Republican’s want to shift funds to state-governments, where governors won’t spend the funds.

• No local financing for abortion services in the District of Columbia.

• No foreign aid to countries that might use the money for abortion or family planning. And no aid to the United Nations Population Fund, which supports family-planning services.

• No regulation of greenhouse gases by the Environmental Protection Agency.

• No funds for health care reform or the new consumer protection bureau established in the wake of the financial collapse.

The pending budget deal already shreds protections for the lower class and the poor; the budget the Republicans want to pass would destroy those sectors in favor of the richest 1% of Americans. As Paul Krugman writes in The Times, it would return our discretionary spending per GDP to levels not seen since the Coolidge administration — nearly 100 years ago.

Are we building a future for America or destroying one?

Men who are friends of Men who like Men

Avan isn't narrow.

Former CAPRICA actor Avan Jorgia (“Ben Stark” from the pilot) is spearheading a campaign for straight guys to stand-up and support their gay friends.

He tells On Top Magazine:

We are a group of men, talking to men about men who like men,” the Canadian actor says in the group’s first video. “And how men should be OK with your man friends liking men.”

“It doesn’t make you any less of a man or make it look like you’re into men if you’re friends with a man who likes men.”

“And men don’t let other men disrespect men, man.”

I met him the other week, when he picked up a female friend of mine. Nice young man. My opinion of him went up even more after seeing this.

Friend their Facebook page here or bookmark the Straight But Not Narrow site here.