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Off The Rails

Rail Slug In Flight

Next up on the military’s to-do list? Installing railguns on all of their warships.

“…Assisted by GPS systems, the Navy’s railgun can shoot “non-explosive bullets at several times the speed of sound” at “speeds up to Mach 7″ with pinpoint accuracy….The Navy hopes to get its railgun to fire from over 200 miles by the time it’s ready for operation. According to Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr, Jr., the chief of Naval Research, railguns cost much less than conventional missiles and make for more strategic warfare options.”

According to Gizmodo, the military is expected to have these systems in place by 2025, or shortly before Alternet.Org predicts the collapse of the American Empire.

Techno Noire

La Noire

How advanced can video games go? Much, much farther, it seems. Rockstar’s up-and-coming crime based video game, LA NOIRE, takes advantage of an incredible new facial mapping software, MotionScan.

Behind the scenes

The 3D, 360 degree camera / computer system captures every nuance of expression and translate that into a virtual world.

Below is the sample video. It pretty much blows away anything else out there right now.  It’s a little unnerving to watch all of this: it’s like a cartoon really has come to life.

LA NOIRE debuts next year. It also looks like this MotionScan technology is going to revolutionize the story-fed games we play.

Source: L.A Noire video shows amazing facial animation technology –

And All While You Pee

Those crazy Japanese

Proving once again what guys consistently think with, on and about, Sega has gifted civilization with this latest wonder “Toylets”, a scrolling video game / advertising LCD mounted above a urinal and controlled by the direction and force of your pee.

According to Sankaku Complex:

Aside from allowing an endless variety of crude puns, the main objective of the device appears to be to advertise to urinal users – the addition of a sensor which can measure the speed and volume of liquid splattering on it allows some simple games to be embedded in the urinal, which helpfully draws the user’s attention to the screen.

Should these contraptions gain wide popularity, it will make bathroom cruising much, much easier.

Video below:

Blockbuster Laughed

Next time you are upset that you missed a perfect deal, job or stock investment, take heart. At least you aren’t Blockbuster. The failing video rental chain had the opportunity to partner up with industry leader Netflix — and laughed at the deal. The heads of Blockbuster saw Netflix is a small, niche competitor and didn’t think it was worth their time or effort to get involved with the then mail only DVD seller.

The man who presented the possibility to Blockbuster was former Netflix CEO Barry McCarthy. McCarthy is exiting Netflix with $40 million in cash and stocks. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy. Again.

Source: Blockbuster Laughed at Netflix Partnership Proposal in 2000 | GamePolitics.

In our name…

More evil than Ben Laden?

“Whatever you think of WikiLeaks, they have not been charged with a crime, let alone indicted or convicted. Yet look what has happened to them. They have been removed from Internet … their funds have been frozen … media figures and politicians have called for their assassination and to be labeled a terrorist organization. What is really going on here is a war over control of the Internet, and whether or not the Internet can actually serve its ultimate purpose—which is to allow citizens to band together and democratize the checks on the world’s most powerful factions.”

via Glenn Greenwald Calls Julian Assange’s Arrest “Pure Authoritarianism” | World | AlterNet.