Shoreline Entertainment Acquires World Rights to THE DARK PLACE

Shoreline Entertainment, the Los Angeles-based production and sales company, has picked up world sales rights to wine-country mystery-thriller, The Dark Place, from Blue Seraph Productions.

Jody Wheeler (Heat WaveIn the Closet) directed the story, with J.T. Tepnapa (Judas Kiss), from Wheeler’s own screenplay, with Carlos Pedraza producing.

The film focuses on Keegan Dark, a troubled young man cursed with the uncanny ability to remember his life in videographic detail. He returns to his family’s wine estate, boyfriend in tow, to make amends with his estranged mother, only to discover a conspiracy that frames him for murder and threatens his family’s lives and livelihood.

Pictured: After a near-fatal accident, Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry) is examined by a doctor (Andy Copeland) who may not have Keegan’s best interests at heart.Pictured: After a near-fatal mishap, Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry) is examined by a doctor (Andy Copeland) who may not have Keegan’s best interests at heart.

Blaise Embry (Showtime’s Weeds, NBC’s The Office) leads the ensemble cast as Keegan, joined by Timo Descamps (Judas Kiss), Sean Paul Lockhart (TruthTriple CrossedJudas Kiss) and Eduardo Rioseco (NBC’s Parenthood), with Shannon Day (Portlandia, NBC’sGrimmLand of the Lost).

Shoreline CEO Morris Ruskin (Glengarry Glen Ross) said of The Dark Place, “This is a very exciting thriller with great unexpected twists and turns, as well as strong characters. We picked up the film after seeing a rough cut because the film excels in all these places and offers an original perspective.”

Wheeler and Tepnapa also produced, while Steve Parker served as executive producer. Pedraza, Wheeler and Parker negotiated the deal with Shoreline’s director of acquisitions, Melody Djavadi.

“We are thrilled by the prospect of a worldwide partnership with Shoreline, and look forward to an exciting film festival season and distribution that brings this story to the widest audience possible,” said director Wheeler.

The Dark Place is the second feature from Los Angeles’ Blue Seraph Productions, established by co-director Tepnapa and producer-writer Pedraza; Wheeler joined the company in 2012.

Their first feature, Judas Kiss, premiered to acclaim in 2011. Critics lauded the film’s high production values, strong ensemble cast, and its ambitious effort to meld drama, science fiction and magical realism; the film won multiple awards for its direction, screenplay and acting.

Shoreline Entertainment is one of the film industry’s longest-running independent production and international sales agencies. It acquires distinguished projects and premieres them as marquee films at prestigious festivals and for theatrical runs. Notable releases include the horror hit, The Signal, the Spanish-language action film 7 Boxes, the Sundance premiere Father’s Chair, and the Outfest award winner,Geography Club.


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Has Matt Smith Already Filmed His Last ‘Doctor Who?’

Ryan Gosling directs Matt Smith in shirtless scenes for 'How To Catch A Monster' in Detroit

When the photo surfaced of Doctor Who actor Matt Smith with a shaved head on the set of his first film, which was lensing in Detroit, one the first thoughts was how the producers of that British franchise where going to explain Smith’s hair when the actor returned to film his final episode as the Doctor for the now annual Christmas episode.

I mean continuity is a huge thing in episodic TV, especially after the show is sold into syndication when it’s broadcast on daily basis and –usually- aired in sequential order. You might expect to see both male and female actors trim their hair between seasons, but there are some actors whose hair becomes their signature and the studios that employ them don’t want them even getting a trim so that could affect the continuity of the show. And as much as Tom Baker’s scarf and hair became an iconic aspect of the fourth Doctor, Smith hair has become his signature as well for the eleventh Doctor. So, eventually down the line, when Doctor Who airs in syndication, the upcoming 2013 Christmas episode will follow the 50th Anniversary episode. And unless they make a noted reference, which they could, (which has been done before, like when Avery Brooks was able to shave his head for the remainder of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s run, or when Jonathan Frakes grew a beard between season 1 and 2 of The Next Generation and Gene Roddenberry liked it so much, it became a permanent fixture of Will Riker. Each was given a quick nod to the change, though) there’s bound to be a bit of confusion if they don’t mention it.

I’m suspecting now that Smith has already filmed his regeneration scene with new Doctor, Peter Capaldi (which then opens a whole new barrel of monkeys –it means Capaldi was chosen months ago when the episode was actually filmed, which creates a conspiracy of silence that is shocking in this age of social media and spoilers).  Of course, I could be wrong, but such a change in hairstyles could be a major distraction on what will already be an emotional episode.

Then there is the problem of when season 8 of new Who begins airing. While the BBC remains, as always, tight lipped about its broadcast schedule, they have said that yes, the show begins production in February and will air all 12 episodes ordered over, well, twelve weeks. Seeing that the series has a grueling nine month production shoot, the earliest the season could begin would be September or October of 2014 to keep to airing new episodes for that length. So why wait until the final moments of the 2013 Christmas Special to show a brief scene of Capaldi as the new Doctor and then force the viewers to wait nine to ten months to see him again?

On the flip side, with filming on that Christmas Special now underway, could they –with a brief break- go into filming the new season with hopes of debuting it around Easter 2014? As said, the BBC zips their lips and showrunner Steven Moffat has proven to be a brilliant liar. Plus he has made it known how much he hates spoilers and how they are, essentially, ruining both TV and movies.  And they’ve succeed in keeping Jenna Coleman’s appearance in the 7th season opener a secret plus John Hurt’s cameo at the end of season seven, so I know they try.


Of course, this is what they want. By keeping us fans in the dark and by us speculating, it’s all free publicity and keeps Doctor Who on the lips of many.

So was a Matt Smith regeneration into Peter Capaldi done as far back as March/April when the 50th Anniversary story was filmed , thus making the Christmas episode the debut story of the twelfth Doctor, or will the producers throw a wig on Smith and hope no one notices it or will they explain his short hair in that story?

Time, as the saying goes, I guess will tell.


Peter Capaldi to be the Twelfth Doctor


The bookmakers were right and at last we know the name of the actor who will take on the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor. His name is Peter Capaldi, a veteran actor of both TV and movies and now one of the oldest actors to play the traveling Time Lord.

Scottish born Capaldi first movie was 1983’s Local Hero, which then followed with roles in Lair of the White Worm and Dangerous Liaisons. He would go onto to various roles on British Television and in the theater. In 2005 he began playing political spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on the BBC sitcom The Thick of It, which ran until 2012. He won a BAFTA Award for Best Performance in a Comedy Role and two British Comedy Awards for his performances. During down periods between The Thick of It, Capaldi also appeared in The Hour, Skins, Midsomer Murders and Doctor Who –where he played Caecilius in 2008 David Tennant Tenth Doctor episode, The Fires of Pompeii.  A year later he would appear in the Doctor Who spin-off show Torchwood, playing civil servant John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

His casting as the Twelfth Doctor indicates a new direction for the fifty year-old franchise, considering since Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor, each actor seemed to getting younger and younger. It also indicated that the BBC is not afraid of the odd idea that older people will not appeal to the youth market –though I would suspect that the series (finally) might introduce a good male companion, some young and attractive to do the action work for the Doctor.

But Capaldi is a strong actor, with the capable gravitas the series will need following the successful run of outgoing Doctor, Matt Smith. Still, the longevity of the series is predicated on its ability to reboot itself every few years and despite some stumbles in the 1980s that eventually lead to its 16-year hiatus, it has successfully survived and thrived despite that since its return in 2005, three actors have played the Doctor.

He’ll debut as the Doctor sometime in the December 25th Christmas Special before assuming the role full time in 2014.


Whedon on his version of ‘Age of Ultron’

the-avengers-2-age-of-ultron-logoWriter/Director Joss Whedon clarified that while The Avengers sequel set for 2015 will be called Age of Ultron, it will not be totally based on the original 10 issue comic book.

“A lot of people—because we called it Age of Ultron and there was a book, Age of Ultron just recently—assumed that was the storyline we are doing, which is not the case.  We’re doing our own version of the origin story of Ultron.  The other thing is, in the origin story, there was Hank Pym.  So a lot of people assumed that he was going to be in the mix, but he’s not.   Because we’re basically taking the things from the comics for the movies that we need and can use.  A lot of stuff has to fall by the wayside.  Ultron was their chief villain.  He’s been the Avengers villain for so long.  I was amazed anybody was surprised that it was going to be him in the movie.  We are crafting our own version of it where his origin comes more directly from the Avengers we already know about.”


As many Marvel fans will know, the character of Henry “Hank” Pym moonlights as Ant-Man.  Edgar Wright‘s feature adaptation Ant-Man is scheduled for release on November 6, 2015, about six months after Age of Ultron‘s May 1, 2015 release.  According to Collider “there was speculation that Ant-Man could debut in The Avengers 2 before spinning off into his own movie.  Two years out, Ant-Man could still make his way into Age of Ultron, but Whedon appears to deny that here.  In the absence of Henry Pym, Tony Stark seems the likeliest candidate to fill in as the creator of Ultron in the new origin story.”

Whedon added that The Avengers: Age of Ultron is more darker than the first film:

“It’s a little bit darker than the other film because Ultron is in the house. There’s a science fiction element that I think is a bit stronger than the other film… It is very much a global Avengers film.  A lot of the movie has to do with their place, not just in America, but in the world. Part of the fun for me this time around is writing for Hawkeye.  Because he did get possessed pretty early by a bad guy and had to walk around scowly for most of the movie last time.  So now it’s nice to actually have the character there and really see him interact with the other guys.”



News Out of Comic Con


Warner Bros and DC have confirmed that the Man of Steel sequel is set for 2015 and that Batman will be teaming up with Superman. Also, a Flash film is planed for 2016 followed by the much talked about and much delayed Justice League movie for 2017. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill will return as Clark Kent/Superman and the hunt is on for the a new Batman. The sequel is to be directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S. Goyer.

The Avengers sequel now has a subtitle Age of Ultron. Deadline says “Marvel Comics aficionados might know that the title is the subject of 10-issue limited series comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics, that involves the return of Ultron and his conquest of the earth. Ultron and his Sentinels should prove a worth antagonist for The Avengers.”

Michael Jai White (Spawn, The Dark Knight, Mortal Kombat) will guest star as Bronze Tiger, while Kevin Alejandro (Southland, True Blood, Golden Boy) will appear as Sebastian Blood in upcoming episodes of Arrow on the CW, as the show returns for its second season in early October.

Former Angel actress Amy Acker has been upped to regular for the third season of the CBS thriller series, Person of Interest.

The Tom Cruise sci fi thriller All You Need Is Kill has been renamed Edge of Tomorrow. Cruise will play a military officer who’s killed in action and stuck in a time loop, forced to relive fatal combat over and over again.

Disney XD has ordered a third season of their hit animated show Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man

Legendary Pictures has confirmed that Brit Duncan Jones will helm the big-budget epic based on the popular game World Of Warcraft. The project has been in the pipeline for awhile.

Former Lost actor Naveen Andrews will join the cast of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the sin-off of Once Upon A Time, as Jafar, the same one that was portrayed in the classic Disney animated film Aladdin.